Youth Jukola message 2018

Youth Jukola message 2018

Jukola, the house and home of the seven brothers, was also a venue for sports. Often it was games where they formed teams and competed against each other.

The National Author of Finland, Aleksis Kivi, who wrote the novel Seven Brothers, described one of the games being as such: “The disc made of birch wood was rapidly being passed between the brothers, and the sounds of the rackets hitting the disc could be heard far away”.

A couple of decades ago a Tapper art association was founded here in Saarijärvi, to cherish the legacy of the four Tapper brothers. The Tappers were artists, as well as athletes. Skiing was the most beloved sport for them but overall, they were drawn to challenge themselves, along with great interest in nature. The legacy they left has a considerable importance not only to Saarijärvi, but to understanding the diversity in culture in a wider perspective.

Today we, the young orienteers, have delivered our message in the spirit of Aleksis Kivi at Kusiaismäki to remind you of the will of Harri, Marko, Kain and Yrjö Tapper to cherish a strong mind in a strong body.

In Saarijärvi 18th of August 2018

The orienteers of Youth Jukola