Free Runners

Does your team miss one runner or are you looking for a free spot in a team?

In the free runners bank teams can find runners if they are missing runners for a leg and an orienteer without a team can report his or her interest to run.

· You can register to the free runners bank through the following link. Or to the Competition Info on a form provided at the Info.

· Orienteers from the free runners’ bank can be reserved to a combination team only online.

· You take contact to a team or a runner by calling on the phone. Then inform the free runners’ bank that a runner has found a team or a team has found a runner.

· The situation of available runners in the free runner’s bank can be checked in the Info on Saturday morning.

· You can ask for free runners from the Info until 9.50 on Saturday morning.

· After 9.50 on Saturday August 24th, Info will put together ”Free runners’ teams” of those runners in the bank who have not been reserved by any team by then.

· We strive to put together “free runners’ teams” with runners on the first legs, even if the team would miss runners for the last legs. If, for example, there are runners in the bank for legs 1, 2, 3 and 4, but not for legs 5, 6 and 7, the runners will participate on legs 1-4 as other teams. The runner for leg 1 will thus take part in the start at 11.30.

· Orienteers from the free runners’ bank who intend to take part of the relay as part of a ”Free runners’ team” are recommended to gather at the info together with their coach to get to know their team mates. The team members should have the competition number visibly attached to their competition clothes to make it easier to identify them. If it is a club team that becomes a combination team, this has to be registered to the Info by filling out a form for the team composition at the latest 10.20 on Saturday August 24th.