Nature and Jukola

Nature has been taken into account in preparing the Jukola event. For a long time the orienteers have collaborated with the local landowners. Permissions to use the terrain are always acquired from all landowners of the competition terrain. The terrain is then investigated from the ecology point of view, which makes it possible to protect the cultivated fields, seedlings and other sensitive parts of the terrain in good agreement with landowners.

In addition, hunters are consulted to gather the information on the places of breeding and pasture of the animals so that these places can be excluded in the course planning and setting. Before the big events such as the Jukola relay, the deers are chased off the competition terrain with the help of the landowners and hunters, when necessary. The environmentally active people are consulted so that the rare plants and the birds’ nests can be protected. The prohibited places and areas are also marked in the forest with tape.

For arranging an event like the Jukola relay, also permission for the competition is required from the local authorities of environment. Besides the required permission to use the terrain, the authorities also require that adequate medical services and garbage collection is organized in the competition center.