The Youth Jukola relay


Nuorten Jukola

logo Since 1986, the Jukola relay for young orienteers has been arranged each year as a separate event in August. The relay consists of 7 legs for seven orienteers between ages from 11 to 18 years. There are legs for the boys as well as for the girls. The relay is the biggest for young orienteers.The combination teams of two or three small foreign clubs can take part in the relay according to the principles mentioned in the invitation.

The classes allowed and the distances of the seven legs in the relay are as follows in 2020:

Leg Gender/ Max. Age Skill level Km
I D -16 D14 4,0-5,0 km
II H/D -16 H/D14 4,0-5,0 km
III H/D -14 H/D 10 2,0-2,5 km
IV D -14 D12 2,0-2,5 km
V H -14 H12 3,0-4,0 km
VI D -18 D16 4,0-5,0 km
VII H/D -18 H16 5,5-7,0 km

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