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JUKOLA MESSAGE 2011 (19.06.2011)

Our national author Aleksis Kivi put the following words into the mouth of Aapo of Jukola:

“But should the fortress now surrounded be lacking a commandant to maintain order and organise defence, then would disorder and unruliness spread among troops, and soon would both the fortress and its people be lost”.

With this idea in mind have we, the orienteers of Jukolan Viesti, carried the following message to the goal in order to congratulate the International Orienteering Federation now celebrating its fiftieth anniversary:

From near the south-eastern border of Finland and the springy heaths of Virolahti, Jukolan Viesti salutes the celebrating association and brings greetings from all its participants, who have come from dozens of countries and provide an outstanding example of the uniquely diverse character of our sport.

Virolahti, 19th June 2011

The Orienteers of Salpa-Jukola

At last, all Jukola, Venla and Youth Jukola results in internet (10.05.2011)

You find results from the left menu.

Pls, inform if errors found – all years: palaute_tulokset at Thanks.

Near 10.000 registered in Jukola (09.03.2011)

The first step in registration was closed 1st of March.
727 Venla and 1006 Jukola teams were registered.

They are a little less than the records last year, 775 Venla and 1020 Jukola teams, but ckearly more than in 2009 and 2008.

The second stepll close at 17th of May.
Look at the teams The first step in registration was closed 1st of March.
727 Venla and 1006 Jukola teams were registered. They are a little less than the records last year, 775 Venla and 1020 Jukola teams, but ckearly more than in 2009 and 2008.
The second stepll close at 17th of May.
Look at the teams Look at the teams –> English –> Salpa-Jukola, Registration

Jukola message 2010 (20.06.2010)

”So they descended, entered a dark forest, and thence proceeded to the
fire-ravaged Kiljavannummi where eagles darted in the air, screaming under the
sky’s dazzling panoply. On they went along the wide road and past the broad
meadow of Kuttila”.  

Thus describes Aleksis Kivi, our national author, the brothers’ return to their
home at Jukola. In this same traditional spirit have we, the orienteers of
Jukola, carried the message in the summer night here in eastern Tavastia. We
have traversed the difficult forests of Kytaja, ascended high hills and rocky
slopes, and penetrated dense woods and wet swamps.  

With this message we wish to congratulate the Finnish Scouts, currently
celebrating its centenary anniversary, which has done so much for the Finnish
youth education. Respect for nature and strive for physical health unite
orienteers and members of the Scouts. These shared aspirations remind us of the
values that are pivotal to the preservation of our future environment.    

Hyvinkaa Kytaja-Jukola, 20 June 2010    

The Orienteers of Jukolan Viesti

New records in Jukola relays (20.05.2010)

The primary registration time to Kytaja-Jukola 19. – 20. 6. 2010 ended 17.5.. It brought new records both in participants for Venla and Jukola relays and in total amount of competitors.

Totally 2695 teams registarated, 1075 for Venla- and 1520 for Jukola-relay, totally 14.940 persons. As there are normally about 20 teams as postregistrations, it is evident that the total amount of 15000 competitorsll be exceeded.

Earlier records were: Venla 1015 (Mikkeli 2009), Jukola 1454 (2008 Tampere), competitors 14168 (2009).

There are teams from 20 countries: Finland 811V+1165J, Sweden 136+182, Norway 53+62, Latvia 20+26 etc. The biggest relative increase is from Great Britain, from 1+2 (2009) to 8+11 teams. The amount of non-Finland teams has increased from 547 to 618 teams.

Jukola 2010 relays: 12 hours online in tv. (19.03.2010)

Read more from link .
Welcome to Tampere-Jukola!

Jukola Summit broke records (11.11.2007)

The annual Jukola Summit was held on November 10, 2007 in Tampere. The event attracted a record-breaking number of participants, ca. 150 people, from different Jukola organisations, previous and future organisers and other associates.

Read more on Tampere-Jukola website

Jukola 2008: The Mayor Timo P. Nieminen was installed as the Patron (06.09.2007)

The Mayor of the city of Tampere Timo P. Nieminen was installed as the Patron of Tampere Jukola.

Read more

The Message of Jukolan Viesti 2007 (17.06.2007)

According to a folk legend, bishop Hemming once wandered on the slopes of Lapua’s Mount Simpsio on a mission to suppress the might of the hill-goblins. Before reaching the summit, he was forced to take repose on a rock that was to be henceforth called ‘The Bishop’s bench’.

Along the same route have we, a band of brothers thousand strong, wandered today – almost without a moment’s rest – through the splendour of the Botnian summer. We have roamed over wuthering heights, until memories of times past blended sweetly in our minds, as forests, valleys, hills and moors blend together in the distance.

For the Brothers, the forest was a second home.
“They left into the forest together, with their axes on their shoulders. Yet, as the last man there walked Eero, grasping a billhook in his hand. A wide hill, thickly covered with pine trees, was designated as a burn-beaten area. And thus began the clearing and burning: axes made a hacking noise, the forest echoed, and a pine tree fell on another with an awesome rumble”.

With these words we wish to congratulate the centenarian Forest management associations, which in their own way continue the Brothers’ work with the ‘Green Gold’.

Lapua, 17th of June 2007


Check online how many teams are registered (09.06.2007)

There are more than 900 Venla-teams and almost 1400 Jukola-teams from more than 20 countries.

See Registered teams

Welcome to a super weekend of orienteering in Lapua 14.-17.6.2007 (19.03.2007)

Come and experience a great orienteering events in Lapua on July 14-17, 2007. On Thursday the 14th the world’s best orienteers compete in the World Cup sprint, and an international coaching seminar takes place on Friday afternoon.

On Saturday afternoon the womens’ Jukola (Venla) relay starts and some 900 teams take over the Simpsiö terrain. The height of the weekend is the men’s Jukola relay with 1400 teams starting late Saturday night. The winners are declared early Sunday morning.

The racing ground of Simpsiö has hosted the Jukola relay once before in 1979 (map). That year the Norwegians took the Jukola gold medal, their first of the kind (results: men,women). The top of the Simpsiö terrain rises 90 meters above the competition centre. The most challenging area is the very steep west-facing slope, where jagged cliffs, towering firs, and thick, leafy birches frame the orienteers’ route. The east side pine forest offers better visibility and and an easier terrain to run on. The fastest terrain are the plains in the western part of the terrain that host the longest laps.

Enjoy about Midnight Dim

Jukola relay is one week before the summer solstice (wikipedia ), so days are longest in the northern Europe. On Jukola 2007 you will not see the Midnight Sun, but there is only a dim at midnight. In a dense forest or in a rain you will need a lamp for reading map, but in the competition centre you will be able to enjoy the Finnish Summer Night without any lamp. The period of the dim will be approx 2-3 hours and the rest of the night you will enjoy about the event in the day light.

Jukola 2007, Virkiä-Jukola, website:

World Cup website:

How to reach Jukola from abroad and a train ticket offer (17.03.2007)

Jukola is situated in a different location every year.
Jukola 2007 is located in Lapua, a small city in Western Finland. The nearest
domestic airport is Vaasa, international airport Tampere and there a direct
train connection from Helsinki.

Train tickets to Virkiä Jukola at extra low prices

The Finnish Railway company VR offers train tickets at discounted prices for the teams participating in the Jukola relay. The Jukola competition center is only 2,5 kilometres (1,5 miles) from the Lapua railway station, so you can even take a walk from the railway station to the competition center if you like. Read more on Virkiä-Jukola


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A caution to Ulricehamns OK (18.07.2006)

As the members of the winning team of Venlojen Viesti, Ulricehamns OK, gathered at the start of the course leading to the finishing line in order to receive their winning anchor Simone Niggli, one of the team members deliberately removed the number from the anchor’s chest so as to reveal an advertisement of a sponsor of the team underneath. Niggli held the number folded in her hand until the end of her run.

Henrik Erickson, the elitresponsible of the UOK, acknowledges the incident to have occurred and admits to having planned it. He has sent his apologies.

Removing the number is contrary to the Finnish rules (§3.53) and competition rules of Jukolan Viesti. It also offends the organisers of the event and the cooperative company of the particular leg, whose name appears on the number.

The executive team of Jukolan Viesti has thus decided to issue

In addition, the rules of Jukolan Viesti will be changed to the effect that similar incidents will lead to an automatic disqualification of the offending team.

Executive team of Jukola relay

The Message of Jukolan Viesti 2006 (18.06.2006)

viesti has since 1950 the tradition either to greet some important
organisation, which e.g. has its anniversary – examples; our Parliament,
Finnish Red Cross – or the participants want to express their opinion about
things they consider important
examples; about unemployment (to the government and enterpreneuers), about
multiusage of forests (to nature conservation organisations).

message’ll be revealed by the last member of the Jukola winning team soon after
he has crossed the goal line.


Through the lush terrain of south-western Finland have we
orienteers, proud of our sport and in a group of over ten thousand strong, once
again carried the message of Jukola.

Somewhat adapting the words of Aleksis Kivi,

’One raced from the wide meadow
through the forest and ascended the rocky hill’.

There, one encountered the mounds of
Hiidenkiuas and Ketunkorpi, inviting on the map, yet harsh and excruciating in

’Thy sight reaches all directions
from the top thereof. First thou seest
the said, delicately undulating meadow, farther yet the dark forest. In the
east there lies the moor with its mighty woods. They wandered up and down the
hills, and sweet was this journey to the brothers.’

Thrilled with the multitudes of young
orienteers, and in the spirit of the motto of our sport ’fair play at the
controls’, we wish to congratulate the 20 year old foster of sports, the ’Nuori
Suomi’ association.

Salo, June the 18th 2006

The orienteers of Salo-Jukola

The Nuori Suomi
association promotes physical exercise of young people.

The message received
by the chairman of the Nuori Suomi ass., MP Mari Kiviniemi.

Final call to Salo-Jukola 2006 (22.05.2006)

It’s not too late to take part to Salo-Jukola 2006. The invitation is open up to 9th Juni. There is a bit higher a late entry fee at this moment.

Jukola 2010 at Hyvinkää (12.11.2005)

Jukola 2010 organizer is selected by Jukola leading team. Clubs “Hyvinkään
” and “Rajamäen Rykmentti” will establish the organization. The competition centre will be located at Kytäjä.
Those clubs have been the organizer earlier on year 1970 (Hyvinkään Rasti) and
1981 (Rajamäen Rykmentti).

Jukola organizers are located Salo (2006), Lapua (2007), Tampere (2008) and
Mikkeli (2009). See map:

Club pages (in Finnish):

Jukola results (1948- ) available also by mobile phone (09.10.2005)

Jukola, Venla and Youth relay results are also available by mobile/cellural phone.
Just select address with your GPRS/wap supported phone and you can browse all time results where you ever are.

If you are not able to access to Jukola results with your phone, please check your GRPS-connection settings in your phone and also you telephone subscription rules and payments with data connections. The GRPS-support has been available most of mobile phone models several years.

The Message of the Jukolan Viesti 2005 (25.06.2005)

From upon his cloud, our national author Aleksis Kivi is gazing
proudly at this over ten thousand strong group of orienteerers in
Kymenlaakso, who carry these words from the novel ’The Seven
Brothers’ as their message: ’And thus, in a long line,
a group of young and old set off to seek their way in the forest. At
first they sought from the nearby areas, but then moved ever further
a field. Meticulously they determined their direction and continued
their journey thither

Recalling Impivaara, the orienteerers ran on the hills of
Pilkkakorpi and Onnenmäki, negotiating seven other hills as
well. ’From thence they ran down the hill like winged
’ towards the goal visible in the far distance. ’The
mountains echo, the forest fills with sound, a treasured, fleeting
moment. Thus runs the verse, by joyous Jussi of Jukola

We rejoice over our journey together with our thousands of foreign
fellow athletes all around the world and also wish to congratulate
our 60-year old elder brother Tiomila, which provided us a
model in the early days of our own Jukola.

Anjalankoski, 19th June 2005

The Orienteerers of Jukolan Viesti

Jukola 2005 On-line services (16.06.2005)

Sippu-Jukola 2005 has on line result service from selected controls, leg
changes and final results

Results are also available via wap/gprs and
there is also a SMS-service to follow up your own favorite team(s) (charged and
available only with Finnish telecom operators).

There is no streaming video in Internet from Jukola, but you can listen
. Also photos  and short on line reports are

A Finnish TV-channel “Urheilukanava” has programs from Jukola
  Venlat 15.00 – 18.30
  Jukola klo 22.30 – 07.00

You need a digi-box or cable-TV to see the “Urheilukanava”-channel (free of


Jukola 2005: more teams and countries than never before (17.05.2005)

Jukola 2005 will be the bigger Jukola than never before. There are registered teams: Jukola 1356 and Venla 860. The total number of orienteers is close 13 000.

The race is more international than never before. There are teams from 25 countries.

Registration opened to Sippu-Jukola 2005 (18.12.2004)

Sippu-Jukola 2005 registration has been opened 15.12.

Jukola 2009 in Mikkeli (13.11.2004)

Jukola 2009 event will be in Mikkeli.

Nordic open Orienteering Championships 2001 were also in Mikkeli.

NaVi is the club in response.

Youth Jukola 2007 in Paimio (01.11.2004)

Youth Jukola 2007 is located in Paimio. It’s easy to reach Paimio near Turku.

Sippu-Jukola 2005 also in English (09.10.2004)

Sippu-Jukola 2005 webpages provides information also in English.

Jukola 2004: Maps with routes (27.07.2004)

See Winner teams’ members running courses over all legs.

Jukola 2006 website opened (19.05.2004)

Jukola 2006, Salo-Jukola, has opened its website. The information is first in Finnish only, but English content is coming..
Salo is a town between Helsinki and Turku.

Old Jukola maps needed (05.11.2003)

Have you been a team member of a Jukola, Venla, Youth relay winner team and you are willing to publish your map in Jukolaweb? Please contact by email to receive more information.

More old maps (04.11.2003)

There are old Jukola maps from 1949 to 1969 available in maps section now

Old Jukola-maps on Jukola website (20.10.2003)

There are maps from 10 first Jukola relay on the maps section.

More maps are coming. And also more userfriendly version with slow Internet-connections.

Jämi-Jukola website opened (03.06.2003)

Jämi-Jukola webpages opened in end of May. At this moment (03.06.2003) there is information only in Finnish, but you can allways contact Jukola-office to get more information in English:

First maps of Jukola relays available (28.04.2003)

The historical section of the Jukolaweb will provide all maps of Jukola
relays from year 1949.

As the first maps are published Jukola maps of the year 1990 These maps covers terrain with only 30 km distance from year 2003 terrain.

It’s also remarkable that both relays have same person as the course planner; Juhani Sihvonen.

Venla relay map: Kirsi Tiira

Jukola relay maps: 1st leg by Timo Karppinen, 7th leg by Håward Tveite

The Sulkava Jukola 2003
website with more information in Finnish.

Jukolaweb opened (04.04.2003)

Jukola has new webpages now. Webpages contains basic information about Jukola relay.

Webpages are still in a development process and you will receive more information in the future.