“Lord protects all your steps”

You need only to take a few steps away from the centre of activities, and suddenly the hectic swarming of Kangasala-Jukola competition centre will calm down and noise disappears somewhere behind.  You are surrounded by a dim forest of spruce trees, beautiful wooden boards make you stop to read the religious messages, and led-candles light your way.

From the north-east corner of the Competition centre starts the Path of silence, made by the Kangasala church. Along that path you can find strength to the coming competition, as well as a possibility to calm down with your thoughts.

Path of silence is built for the first time in Jukola here in Kangasala.

– We could not build he traditional forest church because of lack of proper spot for it. We had to think some alternative way to solve this issue. Local land owner Markku Huikkola suggested this Path of silence idea, found a proper place, and constructed all the infrastructure that was needed, tells deacon of Kangasala church Monika Viitala who was in duty at the church lean-to.

Viitala says that, peace and a possibility to be part of the nature are the things that forest gives to people today

– This kind of sporty calming down is very suitable for orienteering events. To Kangasala church this is an obvious place to be present. We want to be at places where the people are.

The church staff are present at Path of silence to meet you from Saturday night until one am to Sunday.

Evening Service for public is given at the main stage on Saturday night at 9pm.