How to operate in Kangasala-Jukola

These instructions are intended to guide the participants in Jukola about how to operate in the village of Jukola. For detailed instructions relating to the competition, see the competition guide.


Friday 14th June 2019
10:00 Competition Centre and info opens
18:00 Running orders of teams must be submitted at the latest
22:00 Competition Information center closes

Saturday 15th June 2019
08:00   Competition Information center opens
12:45   Opening ceremony and raising of the Jukola flag
12:45   Sign-in for Venla relay opens
14:00   Start of the Venla relay
17:00   Winning team of the Venla relay finishes
18:30   The Venla relay changeover closes
18:45   The Venla Relay mass start
19:00   Jukola ceremony and the Venla Relay prize giving ceremony
21:00   Evening prayer on the stage
21:45   Sign-in for Jukola relay opens
22:30   The finish line of the Venla Relay closes
23:00   Start of the Jukola relay
23:06   Sun sets

Sunday 16th June 2019
03:41   Sun rises
06:46   Winning team of the Jukola relay finishes. The winning team reads the message of the Jukola relay
08:45   The Jukola relay changeover closes
09:00   The re-start for leg 7
09:30   The re-starts for legs 2-6
09:30   Returning of maps at the competition information center
09:40   The Jukola relay prize giving ceremony and handing over of the Jukola flag
15:00   The finish line of the Jukola relay closes
16:00   Competition Centre and info closes

For more information about the awards ceremony, see the competition guide. The stage also hosts other events before the opening ceremony, during the jukola celebrations and on Sunday during the awards ceremony.

Opening Hours

Fri 15.6 Sat 16.6 Sun 17.6
Competition Centre 10.00–24.00 00.00–24.00 00.00–16.00
Information Centre 10.00–22.00 08.00–24.00 00.00–16.00
VIP Information Services  18.00-21.00 09.00–24.00 00.00–12.00
VIP restaurant _ 09.00-24.00 00.00-12.00
Media services 14.00–18.00 10.00–24.00 00.00–14.00
Restaurant and cafe _ 08.00–24.00 00.00–16.00
Street food village  11.00-23.00 10.00–24.00 00.00–15.00
Beer tent 16.00-23.00 10.00–24.00 00.00-04.00
Beer tent grill 14.00-21.00 10.00-24.00 00.00-15.00
Ice cream stand 10.00-22.00 08.00–24.00 06.00–16.00
Jukola shop 12.00–21.00 09.00–24.00 00.00–15.00
Children’s World  – 10.00–21.00 09.00–12.00


Safety and Emergency situations

In Case of Emergency:

Accidents: First aid can be obtained from the emergency center of the competition centre (see First Aid) from 10:00 on Friday 15.6. until 16.00 on Sun 17.6. Otherwise, general public health care services are used.

If you have any allergies or medications that may affect your treatment, write them on the back of your competition number bib. Also put the contact details of your emergency contact from who the nursing staff can get more information if needed in the case of an emergency.

Serious incidents: call first aid station tel. +358 40 3624635 and act according to the instructions below:

  • Explain what has happened
  • Prevent further accidents
  • Check the patient’s condition
  • Check the breathing
  • Move the patient to the correct position
  • Danger of death call 112
  • Arrange guidance to the location

In case of fire in the competition centre or in the parking area: act according to the instructions below. Inform also the security emergency department.

If you notice a fire:

  • Warn people at risk
  • If possible, limit the fire (fire extinguisher, fire blanket)
  • Call 112
  • Guide the fire department to the location

Disorders: Contact the closest safety guard or call the Security tel. +358 40 3624635. If the situation is threatening, call 112. Do not put yourself or others at risk.

Important Telephone Numbers:

  • General emergency number 112
  • Help desk +358 40 370 5882
  • Jukola-office +358 40 259 4528
  • Competition centre +358 40 370 5876
  • First aid +358 40 362 4635 (number is printed on the competition map)
  • Event security: +358 40 370 5882
  • Poisoning information centre +358 9 471 977
  • Towing: +358 40 370 5882

Help desk is a service number that is responsible for event guidance and counseling, as well as issues related to organizing of the event, such as defects, repair and overall activities.

The competition information handles the issues related to the competition such as running order, etc.

First aid

The main first aid station is situated in the northeast corner of the competition centre in a stable on the open field area. There one can find a doctor on call and other first aid staff. There are signposts in the competition centre pointing the way to emergency care. The first aid centre is also marked on the competition centre map. The sign of first aid is a white cross on a green background. In the terrain there are two first aid points during the Venla Relay and three during the Jukola Relay. These are marked on the competition maps with a violet cross. First aid kits are also available at refreshment points in the terrain.

Kangasala Pharmacy, Kangasalan Apteekki, will have a stand in the competition centre for the whole weekend. It will be situated near the competition restaurant. Opening hours: Friday 10:00-23:00 and from Saturday 8:00 to Sunday 12:00.

Arrival at the competition centre

Directions to the competition centre

The arriving traffic is entering from three different directions. However, all of them share the last 500 m. Please arrive as early as possible to ensure that you have enough time to get to the competition centre. Congestion is most likely to occur on Saturday between 10:00 and 14:00.

Directions to the competition centre will be mainly via highway 12. In case of traffic jam, the organizers may assign the traffic to other routes.

You can listen to Jukola traffic announcements from Yle Tampere at 99,9 MHz.

Passenger cars

Passenger cars are directed to the field parking areas, marked P1-P8. The P-signs must be strictly obeyed.

The navigation address is: Heponiementie 73, Kangasala.

Distances from the P-area to the competition centre is 2000 meters at the maximum.

There is no passenger transport from the car parks. Pedestrians need to be careful when walking towards the competition centre. The instuctions given by the organisers must be followed. The passageways in the competition centre are likely to be crowded so please do not stop in the middle of the passageway with packages, but step to the side and leave space for others to pass.

There are drop-off points in the car parking areas where baggage can be left for transport to the different accommodation areas. The dropped-off luggage will be transported to a location, near to the respective accommodation areas, from where they can then be collected. Similarly, on Sunday, participants can leave their belongings at the drop-off points near the accommodation areas to be transported to the parking area. Luggage will be delivered during the following times: Saturday 9-15, Sunday 7-12. Drop off points are marked with signs.

In Kangasala center, nearby Pikkola school campus, there are reserved parking areas for Jukola participants and visitors. From there a buss will transport you to the Jukola competition centre (tickets can be bought on the bus).

It is prohibited to park on the roads that lead to parking areas and will be under surveillance. Also, the private areas and roads are not allowed for parking. Cars parked on private or otherwise forbidden areas will be towed away. The price of the towing will be billed from the owner of the car.

VIP and media authorized cars will be directed to the separate parking places P 9-10, Heponiementie 150. This area cannot be accessed without the valid parking permit. Keep the parking permit displayed clearly on the inside of the car’s windshield upon arrival.

INVA /Disabled card allows people with reduced mobility access to the VIP parking area.  A parking ticket (20 €) must be redeemed from the Jukola store or the information center.

Parking tickets for passenger cars can be purchased from the Jukola store, information center, or when leaving the car park. The parking fee for a car is 20€ if purchased from the store or competition center, and 25€ if purchased when leaving the car park. When leaving the parking area, only the correct amount of cash is accepted! Parking tickets are checked at departure. Please note that vehicles with a paid parking ticket will be directed to a separate lane upon leaving the car park to avoid queuing.

Remember: Do not leave valuables in sight! There are toilets nearby the parking areas. Please note that there can be congestion also upon leaving on Sunday.

Competition Buses

There are three different bus connections to the competition center.


  1. Kangasala, Pikkola (Finnentie 40) – Kaivanto hospital – competition center
  2. Pälkäne, bus station – crossroads by Aapiskukko – competetion center
  3. Tampere bus station– Rautatienkatu 27-29 – competition center

Price per ticket (one way):

Tampere-Competition center 7,00

Tampere-Competition center, mobile 6,10

Kangasala-Competition center 5,00

Kangasala-Kisakeskus, mobile 4,40

Pälkäne-Aapiskukko-Competition center 5,00

Pälkäne-Aapiskukko-Competition center, mobile 4,40

Kaivanto-Competition center 4,00

Kaivanto- Competition center, mobile, 4,00

Children max 12y. -50%.  No other special prices.

The prices include taxes.

Timetables are to be found on Kangasala-Jukola web pages.

Busses to the competition centre

There are three different bus connections for a fee to the competition centre.

The bus stops are marked with Jukola-guideposts.

The end stop is located close to the competition centre in Heponiementie 128. There are toilets close to the bus stop.

Motor homes

Places for motor homes and caravans have to be booked in advance through the registration system, as instructed in the competition invitation. The number of places for vehicles is limited and they are allocated in the order of registration. The parking fee of EUR 50/100 will be paid in advance in the registration system as an online payment.

Motor homes and caravans are directed to the parking area P1, Raikuntie 84, Kangasala.

A parking permit for motor homes and caravans is provided to all pre-booked persons. The parking permit should be kept visible on the inside of the car’s windscreen until departure.

The P-areas for motor homes and caravans will be open from Friday 14 June, starting at 10.00. There are a drinking water point and toilets in the parking area. There is no drainage of septic tanks for parking areas. It is recommended to empty the tanks before entering Jukola.

Distance from the car parks to the competition centre is max. 2800 meters. Open fire and the use of grill is prohibited outside the vehicle. Also, the use of awnings and paraphernalia is prohibited. The use of aggregates in the tourist vehicle area is forbidden at night from 22 to 07.

Team buses

Team buses will be directed to the drop-off point south of the competition centre, address is Heposeläntie 44-120. During the competition weekend Heposeläntie is a one-way road from east to west. No other cars are allowed on that road, excluding the service and rescue traffic.

The guiding begins from the road VT 12, approximately 5 km before the competition center. The team buses are directed to Heposeläntie via Iharintie and then to the drop-off points according to the color codes. There are both guiding signs and traffic guides for directing.

The contact person of the team needs to print the color code of the drop-off point and set it on to the windscreen of the bus. When arriving, the traffic guide at the drop-off point will give driving instuctions to the bus park and pick-up point after the competition.

When leaving on Sunday, the team bus is not allowed to drive to the pick-up point until the whole team is ready for boarding. The traffic guides control the traffic there. The contact person of the team should have contact with their bus driver only when the full team is ready to board the bus.

Additional route (Team buses)

After drop-off, the team buses are directed to drive to the bus park via Majaalahdentie. This applies only until 15.6.2019 at 12 o’clock.


Motorcycles (and mopeds) have their own car park close to the VIP parking area. Directions for motorcycles follow the general guidance of the VIP parking. Parking for motorcycles is also charged (20 € if purchased from the competition center and 25 € if purchased upon exiting the parking lot). Payment is checked upon departure.


Bicycle parking is located on both sides of the competition centre and is free of charge. There are no special cycling paths, and therefore cyclists must be cautious while riding. Parking areas for bicycles are marked on the competition centre map.

Arrival Directions

From the South: Traffic arriving from Southern Finland along the highway E12 (the highway 3), will be directed with signposts to road 57 at Hämeenlinna and afterwards road 12 towards Pälkäne and the competition center.

From the South-West: Arrivals from the direction of Turku are asked to use primarly highway 10 leading to Hämeenlinna. At Hämeenlinna signposting will direct to the road 57 and arterwards the road 12 towards Pälkäne and the competition centre.

From the South-West: Traffic ariving along the highway E 63 (the highway 9) will be directed via Valkeakoski to Pälkäne along the road 307 and afterwards to road 12. The arrival to the competition centre will be from the direction of Pälkäne.

From the West: Traffic arriving along the E12 (highway 3), highway 11 or 12 will be directed at the junction of the E 63 (highway 9) and highway12 towards the direction of Kangasala.

From the North: Traffic arriving along the road 58/66 will be directed via Orivesi along the road 58 to Huutijärvi (in Kangasala) and still to the highway 12 leading towards the competition center.

From the North-East: Traffic from the direction of Jyväskylä arriving from the E 63 (highway 9) will be directed to  road 58 at Orivesi, leading to Huutijärvi (in Kangasala) and continue to highway 12 leading towards the competition center.

From the East: Traffic arriving along road 12 will be directed to road 3231 (Iharintie) leading towards the competition center. The signposting will start at Pälkäne.

The arrivals on road 325 from the direction of Sappee are recommended to approach the competition centre along roads 3230 and 3231.

Optional roads: It is recommended to use the optional roads during the suspected congestion hours. The optional road for the arrivals from the east starts at Jämsä along road 24 to the south and later along road 325. From road 325 turn to left at Kuhmalahti or Sahalahti heading to road 3231 towards Ihari.

Optional road to the arrivals from the direction of Lahti along road 12, starts at Tuulos turning to road 3222. Road 3222 passes via Sappee to road 3231 leading towars Ihari.

The optional roads are narrow compared to the main directions, but by using them the traffic congnestion might be avoided.

The signposts will be standing on Friday14.6.2018 at 7.00 and must be followed.

Exit from the competition center

Exiting from the competition center and the parking areas will be guided by the organizers. Parking tickets are checked at departure.

Preparing for the competition

Competition Information Centre

The competition information centre is situated between to the entrance gate of the main competition centre and changeover area. The team material as well as the returned maps are handed out at the information center. A collection ticket for these have to be printed in advance, electronic ticket is not valid. One can buy model orienteering maps, training maps, plastic map covers, parking tickets, sauna tickets and safety pins at the info. Payment with both cash and bank card are valid.

Before the competition, please make sure that your Emit-card works properly! You can check the emit card’s function in the competition center. There are points for checking next to the competition information and near the start / changeover area’s entrance. If you do not have a working Emit-card, you can hire one from the information centre or purchase a new one in the Orienteering Shop (Suunnistajan Kauppa) in the competition centre.

Information Boards and Guidance

The main information board is located close to the Information centre. Signposts are located in the competition centre between the Information centre and the exchange area. Information boards which will detail the facilities at the competition centre are located in the competition centre and at the club bus drop-off. There are maps and bulletin boards in the tent areas, showing the location of the tent pitches and the tent pitch codes of the clubs.

Instructions for the start and changeover in Venla and Jukola Relay

Phase 1

Make sure that you have enough time to sign in and to do Emit reset. The organizers recommend that the first leg runners with large starting numbers sign in immediately after the check in opens. Check and finalize your equipment before arriving. Attach your competition number with four safety pins to the chest of your competition shirt as well as entering onto the V / J emit check sheet, your team number and your leg number. Take into account the weather conditions when dressing for warming up. There will be drinking water and toilets in the warm up area. Remember to take your compass, emit card, night light lamp, battery, battery vest, spare lamp and any additional energy supplies (gels etc.). In the forest, there are drinking points so usually there is no need for taking your own drinks with you. Take care that your shoes abide by the rules. Spike shoes are forbidden.

Phase 2

Your number bib’s barcode will be read into the system in the entrance tent. After that, you will put your Emit-card onto the Emit-unit. Please keep your number bib in sight and your Emit-card available to make the process run smoothly and quickly. The competitor must sign in no later than 20 minutes before the scheduled start.

Phase 3

In the Emit-reset your Emit-card will be cleared. If your Emit-card doesn’t work, you will be guided back to the entrance tent, where you can hire a working Emit-card. If you hire an emit card, you can pay for it later at the competition information centre. The Emit-card cannot be replaced after Emit reset has been performed. Only a competitor with a competition number can access the start and change over areas. Competitors must not leave the start/ change over area after Emit reset.

Tip: Attach your Emit-card backup slip into your Emit-card with a small piece of tape.

Phase 4

The warm-up area is marked on the competition centre map. There are toilets, a water point, time interval monitors and rubbish bins in the warm-up area. Put all rubbish (e.g. energy gel wrappers and drink bottles etc.) into the rubbish bins provided, thank you.

Starters can warm up in the marked field after the entrance gate. Coaches, physio’s and spectators can access the southern side of the fence, from where they can take competitors’training clothes etc.

In the start area follow the instructions given by the announcer. Starters with large numbers will be guided to move towards the back rows starting from 40 minutes before the start. Teams with small numbers will move last towards the front rows. Make your way to your own start row in time and wait for additional instructions from the announcer. There will be number signs at the end of the rows.

Approximately 8 minutes before departure the announcer will give the competitors permission to move to their own starting points. Go along the line parallel to your chest number in the start grid. Your place is indicated by a numbered tape on the ground.

Distributing the maps starts when announced. There will be one person distributing the maps per each line (20 competitors). Make sure that you get a map that matches with your own chest number. It is the competitor’s responsibility to check that they get the right map. Keep the map visible in front of your body until the start. Do not open the seal on the folded map before the start signal is fired. According to the competition guidelines, the opening of the map seal before the start signal is fired, leads to the disqualification of the team. Do not move from your place before the start signal is fired by the Finnish Defense Forces. In accordance with the competition guidelines, the start will be recorded, and teams with registered false start will be disqualified. Do not rush to the starting point. The starting area is narrow so be careful not to push other competitors.

If you are late, do not attempt to climb the fence around the starting area but enter normally via the emit check-in. If the check in is bypassed, the team will be disqualified. The check in will be closed 15 minutes before the start. Competitors who are late will get their maps from the HELPPI-point about ten minuts after the start has taken place.

Runners of the other legs may leave their warm-up clothes to the previous leg runner on the exchange fence or the fence between the change over areas entrance and exit points.

Phase 5

When you finish your leg, choose the correct finish lane (corresponding with your leg number). The correct lane will be shown to you by screens/ officials. You have to punch your emit also at the finish line! After punching, give your map to the officials waiting.

Tip: Open your map wide before you hand it in to the officials.

Phase 6

How to find the map for the next leg runner: The map stands are equipped with number signs at the ends of the stands. The numbering at the beginning of the map stand indicates the entire number of rows in the rack. The smallest numbers are placed nearest of the changeover fence.

When you have found the correct map, take it by lifting it straight up from the bag. Do not rip! When you have the map, go to the changeover fence. At the changeover fence runners with smallest numbers are located to the left end and the runners with the largest numbers to the right end of the fence.

Tip: There are number signs at the changeover fence, indicating where your team’s next runner should be waiting.

If for some reason there is no correct map in your team’s map bag or if you have accidentally taken a wrong map from a wrong bag, you must immediately contact the help point, HELPPI-piste, on the left end of the changeover fence to get the right map.

Phase 7

Re-starts and leg closing

See the competition guidelines.


There are warm-up and training maps available during the competition weekend. The course markings, control descriptions and control setups are the same as the ones used in the competition. There are flags and codes in the control points in the forest. Maps are sold at the Jukola Information center starting from Friday 14th June 10:00.

More information

Model orienteering map 10 € and Jukola training maps 7€.

Orienteerers Bank

On the Kangasala-Jukola web site you can find the orienteerers bank where teams can seek runners to replace missing team members or a person without a team can seek a team for him/herself.

Following the Competition


Starting, changeovers and the finish line can be watched and filmed/ photographed at the competition center in the areas reserved for the public. The video monitors in the competition center show the events in the terrain and competion centre. The progress of the top teams will be followed by GPS trackers.

There is a restriction for aerial traffic in the competition area, and therefore the helicopter drone cameras are forbidden (the restriction excludes the TV-production).

TV and radio

Jukola’s organizer and Kruuva Oy will broadcast television pictures on screens at the competition center. Yle will project the TV broadcast of both Venla and Jukola relays. Live broadcasts of both relays on TV will be displayed on Yle channels and Yle Areena. Live radio broadcast of both relays will be on through the whole night. Yle Puhe Tampere channel 88,3 MHz.

There is also Kangasala Jukola English web TV broadcast which can be followed also abroad. Live stream for both relays cost a total of 18 €. Commentary is provided by Vili Virtanen and Kalle Rantala. Registeration  for the web broadcast is found at

Evening devotions by Kangasala church

The evening devotions starts at 21:00 on Saturday. The devotions will last about 30 minutes. There will be a competition priest and the singing group Valkea performing. The evening devotions will be organized on a main Jukola stage in the competition centre. In addition, there will be a path for mental settling in the south-west corner of the competition center. There will be a couple of hunderd meters long path with aphorisms, and church stuff on call at a gathering place.

Children’s World

Children’s World is located in the competition centre. In this area you can find activities and programs for children on Saturday from 10:00 – 21:00 and on Sunday from 09:00 – 12:00.

In the Children’s world, baby food can be heated up and nappy changing facilities are available around the clock. Additional information in Kangasala-Jukola web site.

Note that there will not be organized child care but children must be taken care by parents of other carers.

VIP Guests and Media

The reception desk for the accredited media is located in media info of the media centre next to the restaurant services.

Food and drinks

The competitors and spectators are offered a wide range of restaurants and cafes: The main restaurant and cafeteria and a Street Food Willage. In addition, there will be points for ice cream and candy sales. One can also find a cafe run by Tampere Military Association. The opening hours can be found in the section Opening hours.

All food is lactose-free. There are also non-lactose, milk-free and gluten-free meals available. A lot of different street food will be offered in the Street Food Village: salads, local chicken, gourmet hot dogs, fresh pitas, hand made burgers, fish, tradition sausages, etc. A local vegan grill will serve vegan food. Traditional homely fare food will be cooked at the main restaurant. On Friday the selection of restaurants might be limited.

The main restaurant’s food is paid for at a separate cash register where you will receive a food ticket which can then be used to collect your food from the food pickup area. You can pay with cash or with most commonly bank and credit cards

The rush hours at the restaurants are around the start times of both relays and after Venla relay finishes. At those times, please be prepared to queue.

The main restaurants use disposable containers that are sorted into energy waste. The food sources are sorted with serviettes into a bio waste container. The cartons are sorted into a cardboard container. Refillable bottles and pans have their own collection containers.

Drinking Water

There are seven drinking water stations in the competition center and accommodation areas. The stations are marked on the map with a blue balloon symbol. There are water taps also in the start and changeover areas and in the finish area. It is forbidden to wash sports gear in the drinking water stations. Sports gear may be washed only at the equipment washing site located adjacent to the showers.


The competition centre is opened to tents and camper cars / caravans from Friday June 14th from 10.00 onwards. The signpostings will be placed by the accommondation starts. Take care of your valuables! The use of open fire, smoking, grills, camp and gas cookers etc. is strictly forbidden except for places separately marked as campfire sites. Campfire sites are marked on the camping area maps.

Camping Areas

Camping in one’s own tents in the competition center takes place in pre-reserved, numbered tent pitches. The camping areas are located in the immediate vicinity of the competition centre. The tent places are 10 x 10 meters in size and they are numbered in the terrain. The reserved tent places can be viewed on the Kangasala-Jukola web site, information boards located at the camping area, and at the competition information centre.

Tents Set Up by Organizer (Rented Tents)

The pre-reserved rented tents set up by the organizer are located in the immediate vicinity of the competition centre (Viertola ja Lukkarila). Tents are numbered with signs next to the tents. The tent places and numbers can be seen on the Kangasala-Jukola web site, on information boards located at the camping area and at the competition information center. The tents are not heated. Further information from the competition info.

Access from the northeast area of rented tents (Viertola) to the competition centre will be closed 15 minutes before the start of Venla and Jukola relays. The access will be opened 10 minutes after the starts.

School Accommodation

School floor accommodation is offered in the classrooms at Pikkola school (Pikkolan koulu, Finnentie, Kangasala). The school is located about 12 km from the competition center.

The school floor accommodation can be booked in advance via the on-line registration system by 29.05.2019.

There is a restaurant at Pikkola school.

Windbreak shelters

The pre-reserved team’s windbreak shelters are erected in places designated by the organizers. Pathways must be left free. Other accommodation sources (tents) and the use of open fire, smoking, gas grills, camp and gas cookers etc. are strictly forbidden in the windbreak shelter areas.

Other services:

Battery Charging

The promotion point of Tampereen Sähkölaitos is equipped with a mobile phone charging point. The point is located in the shopping street.

Storage of valuables

There is no organized locked storage for valuables. Please take care of your valuables. The organization of Jukola is not responsible for damaged, lost, or stolen personal property.

Usage of the Internet and mobile phones

As in all bigger events, the mobile networks’ capacity is limited. The goal is to use mobile devices without consuming too much of this limited capacity, so that for example the GPS-tracking of the competition works properly. Usage of normal websites, such as the online result service is no problem. Due to high loads on the internet network, it is not recommended to watch videos or television broadcasts or download video streams during the high load on the networks.

Jukola Shop

Jukola shop offers official Jukola products from sauna heat stones to traditional shirts. There can also be novelties and special limited items found. Suomen Sanser is the partner of organizing the Jukola shop.

Competition maps

Competition maps with all controls are sold at the Info from Sunday June 16th 9:30 a.m. onwards (10€ / each).

Heating of children’s meals

Heating of children’s meals is possible around the clock in the Children’s World.

Lost and Found

Items found during the event weekend can be handed in to the competition information centre.

Missing items can be looked for in the competition information centre until Sunday at 16:00 after which the lost items will be delivered to the Jukola office where they will be stored for a week. After a week the more valuable items will be delivered to the Lost and Found Office (Pirkanmaan Löytötavaratoimisto, For enquiries about lost goods please call 0600 300 758 (1,97 €/min + pmp + pvm). Lost and Found Office opening hours are on Mon 10–18 anf from Tue-Fri 12-17.


The main signpost is located between the exchange area and the main Jukola gate.

Bank and Postal Services

Restaurant, Jukola shop and Information centre accept cash and major bank and credit cards (e.g. Visa, MasterCard). Contactless payment option is also available. The largest accepted bank note is 20€. Bank notes of 50 € are only accepted at the competition information centre.

Individual private companies may accept different payment options.

There is no foreign currency exchange or possibility to withdraw cash in the competition centre. The closest ATMs to the competition centre are located in Pälkäne and Kangasala city centres.

Postal Services in provided in Kangasala S-Market, address Puusepäntie 31, 36200 Kangasala.


The washing area is located at the immediate vicinity of the shopping places. In addition to showers, there are tent saunas in the washing area. Separate bathing facilities are reserved for women during Jukola relay.

One sauna is heated on Friday and is reserved for women from 16.00 to 18.30 and for men from 18.30 to 21.00. Separate showers are available from 16:00 to 21:00.

On Saturday the showers will open at 09:00. All the saunas will be warmed from Saturday at 14.00 until Sunday at 16.00. During the Jukola relay women will have their own smaller sauna available from Saturday evening at 23:00 onwards. Instructions for sauna use and showering facilities are located on the door at the entrance to the washing area. The sauna fee is 5 €, payable on washing site. Sauna tickets can be bought also from the competition information centre. The sauna fee includes a seat cover to be used in the sauna.

Only the use of detergents offered by the organizer is allowed in the washing area. The use of own soaps and shampoos is forbidden.

There are recycling bins for the bottles and cans in the washing area.


There is a taxi stand located in the competition center next to VIP and Media parking area (address Heponiementie 150). The taxi stand is marked on the competition centre map.

Telephone number for ordering a taxi is 0100 4131.


The use of open fire and the use of outdoor and gas cookers, barbecues and tent stoves is strictly forbidden in the entire competition centre and in all accommodation areas, inside and outside the tents, in parking lots and at non-designated sites for campfire. The fire ban is controlled.


Photography in the general area is permitted. Pictures and video material of competitors will be taken by the organizer and private photographers during the event. By participating in this event, you agree that the organizer of the event may use the pictures taken at the event for their own purposes.

Private photographers must obey the insturctions of the organizer (concerning forbidden areas e.g.) and the commmon rules of photographing the competitors.

Cleaning of equipments

There is a separate equipment washing point close to the showers and sauna. Washing of sports gear elsewhere is forbidden.


The toilets in the competition centre are marked on the competition centre map with a red balloon symbol. All the toilets include hand disinfection liquid. Waste items such as diapers or plastic wrappings have to be put into the correct rubbish bins not in the toilet.


Jukola is an eco-friendly event. Environmental arrangements in Kangasala-Jukola will be implemented in accordance with the Ekokompassi certificate issued in Joensuu-Jukola 2017. Eco-compass is an environmental management system for events and small and medium-sized enterprises.

There will be no littering of the environment and everybody is responsible for disposing of their own waste. We ask everyone to pay special attention to ensure the successful sorting of waste.

The waste from Kangasala-Jukola will be sorted and delivered for reuse after the competition according to local sorting instructions. Paper, cardboard and recyclable bottles are delivered for material recycling. Biowaste will be sent for processing into bio gas, compost and soil improvers. Mixed waste is delivered to the local mixed waste sorting plant to be used as energy.

Sorting waste at the competition center


  • cardboard containers, such as milk and juice cartons
  • cardboard food packages such as biscuit packets.
  • paper bags
  • toilet rolls and kitchen paper rolls
  • corrugated cardboard packaging
  • Multi-packaging cartons of beverages


  • foodstuffs and paper napkins

Mixed waste (non-recoverable wastes)

  • slightly soiled cardboard and paper packaging and textiles
  • food plastics, e.g. cans, bags, boxes, wraps and tray
  • used disposable containers, including cartons
  • contaminated carton packaging, e.g. pizza boxes, ice-cream cases
  • textiles such as clothing
  • energy gel wrappers
  • coffee and crisp bags
  • empty medicinal products, and other containers containing aluminum which are not suitable for metals recycling.
  • diapers, and other used hygiene products
  • shoes and other articles of rubber, leather and imitation leather
  • PVC plastics, 03-labeled and other unidentified plastic products
  • Non-returnable plastic bottles

Metal and glass

  • Seperate containers for metal and glass

Returnable bottles and cans

  • seperate containers located close to the food and drink services and in the shower/sauna area.
  • A returnable bottle is identified by the PALPA deposit mark, which also shows the deposit value.

Batteries and electrical equipment can be returned to the competition information centre.

Energy gel wrappers or other wastes must not be thrown onto the ground. They should be disposed of in the drink station rubbish bins or to the rubbish bins located around the competition centre.

Forbidden Actions

It is forbidden to advertise or sell any products or services in any part of the competition area, including accommodation areas, parking areas and competition centre, without written permission by the event organizers. Advertising other orienteering events is only allowed on an information board reserved for this purpose. The board is located in the vicinity of the competition information centre. It is not allowed to deliver advertisements onto the car windshields.

It is absolutely forbidden to use radio phones operating on VHF frequencies in the competition centre area (excluding the organization staff).

Use of helicopter drone cameras is forbidden for security reasons. There is a restriction for aerial traffic in the competition area (the restriction excludes the TV-production).

There is an unconditional smoking ban in the competition centre based on the Finnish tobacco laws (Tobacco Act, Chapter 5, Section 12) except for designated smoking points. Designated smoking points are marked on the competition centre map.

Consumption of ones own alcohol drinks is forbidden in the competitor centre. Also, taking alcohol out from the areas licensed to serve alcohol is forbidden.

The use of open fires and the use of outdoor and gas cookers, barbecues and tent stoves is strictly forbidden in the entire competition center and in all accommodation areas, inside and outside the tents, in parking lots and at non-designated campfire sites. Obeying these instructions will be monitored.

Camping in the wind shelter tent ground is forbidden.

Club flags cannot be placed in the competition center (open area). In the accommodation area and in the windshield area flags can be used. Please take care that placing of flags in the areas with TV cameras not to interfere with TV shooting.

Did you know that

You can advertise orienteering events on the information board which is located near to the competition information centre. If you want to advertise or sell something in the competition area (e.g. in the accommodation and parking area or in the competition centre) you have to have a written permission of the competition organizers. Sales activities are allowed only with the permission of the organizers.

According to the rules of the Finnish Orienteering Federation (FOF), an orienteer is obligated to help competitor who is sick, hurt or in need of help. An orienteer is also obligated to help find a missing competitor if the competition management asks.

See the competition guidelines:

Forbidden Areas, Team Material and running order, Guidelines for Competitors and Drinking Areas

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We warmly welcome you all to enjoy the biggest Jukola event of all-time. Together we will create an experience of safe, cheerful and unforgettable orienteering competition!

Kangasala community welcomes you to enjoy the beautiful nature of Kangasala area also after Jukola.