Competition buses


Easiest way to get to Jukola and feel the awesome atmosphere is to come by coach! Reissu-Ruoti operating return routes from Tampere, Kangasala and Pälkäne to the competition center during the whole Jukola competition weekend.

TIMETABLE Sat-Sun 15.6-16.6.2019

Tampere/Kangasala/Pälkäne – Jukola Competition Center

 Buses from starting points every 10-15 minutes during rush hours. Other hours approx. every 30 minutes. Night time approx. Every 60 minutes. We are operating the competition weekend 24h from Saturday to Sunday starting at 7am Saturday until 4pm Sunday.

Sat 15.6. 7-9am Departures every 60 minutes (Pälkäne first departure at 8am)
Sat 15.6. 9am – 20pm coaches from starting locations at about every 15min, on other times at every 30 minutes

Sat-Sun 15.-16.6. 23pm – 07am Departures every 60minutes

Sun 16.6.
7am – 16pm Departures every 30 minutes, first departures from Jukola competition area.

PLEASE NOTE: At night 23pm – 07am the Kangasala service route will also cover Pälkäne stops.

Starting points at Tampere are Railway station and Bus Station.
Starting Points at Pälkäne are Matkahuolto and service station Aapiskukko.
Starting Point at Kangasala is Pikkola School Campus.

All the stops are marked with competition signs.

Bus Stops and routes

Tampere, first departure at 7:00am:
Stop 1:
 Tampere bus station
Stop 2: Tampere railway station, Rautatiekatu stop
Final Stop: Competition area

Kangasala, first departure at 7:00am:
Stop 1: Kangasala, Finnentie, just in front of  Tampere Vocational College (Pikkola)
Stop 2: Kangasala center, Kangasalantie, in front of local church
Stop 3: Sahalahdentie, just close to Pirkanmaa Vocational Institute
Stop 4: Kaivanto Hospital stop at highway 12 (if needed)
Final Stop: Competition area

Pälkäne, first departure at 8:00am:
1: Pälkäne Matkahuolto service point (Behind the R-kiosk)
Stop 2: At the end of Anttilantie road, just before Aapiskukko service station
Final Stop: Competition area

All the stops are marked with competition signs.


Cheapest way to travel is with a mobile ticket!

Prices/one way:                                 Basic:             Mobile:

Tampere-Competition Center        7,00€               6,10€
Kangasala-Competition Center      5,00€              4,40€
Pälkäne-Competition Center          5,00€               4,40€
Kaivanto-Competition Center        4,00€               4,00 €

Childen under 12 years old -50%, no other special discounts.
Basic tickets cash only or Mobile ticket.

1. Load to your phone an PayiQ Tickets app.

2. You will find it when you search PayiQ Tickets in your mobile app store, either Google Play or App Store. After downloading you can use it instantly.

3. Choose the ticket called “Jukolan matkalippu”
(Special ticket, which appears in the app starting from 1st of June and disappears 17th of June.)

4. You can buy the ticket in advance! Just make sure you activate it just before entering the bus

5. Pay the ticket: without registration it will be charged from your phone bill, if you register, you can pay with bank or credit card.

6. Activate the ticket before you enter the bus. Ticket is valid for 60 minutes from activating.

7. Show the activated ticket to the bus driver and enjoy the journey.