Arrival at the competition centre

Arrival traffic to Kangasala Jukola

Traffic nearby competition center

Parking area

Directions to the competition centre

The arriving traffic is entering from three different directions. However, all of them share the last 500 m. Please arrive as early as possible to ensure that you have enough time to get to the competition centre. Congestion is most likely to occur on Saturday between 10:00 and 14:00.

Directions to the competition centre will be mainly via highway 12. In case of traffic jam, the organizers may assign the traffic to other routes.

You can listen to Jukola traffic announcements from Yle Tampere at 99,9 MHz.

Arrival Directions

From the South: Traffic arriving from Southern Finland along the highway E12 (the highway 3), will be directed with signposts to road 57 at Hämeenlinna and afterwards road 12 towards Pälkäne and the competition center.

From the South-West: Arrivals from the direction of Turku are asked to use primarly highway 10 leading to Hämeenlinna. At Hämeenlinna signposting will direct to the road 57 and arterwards the road 12 towards Pälkäne and the competition centre.

From the South-West: Traffic ariving along the highway E 63 (the highway 9) will be directed via Valkeakoski to Pälkäne along the road 307 and afterwards to road 12. The arrival to the competition centre will be from the direction of Pälkäne.

From the West: Traffic arriving along the E12 (highway 3), highway 11 or 12 will be directed at the junction of the E 63 (highway 9) and highway12 towards the direction of Kangasala.

From the North: Traffic arriving along the road 58/66 will be directed via Orivesi along the road 58 to Huutijärvi (in Kangasala) and still to the highway 12 leading towards the competition center.

From the North-East: Traffic from the direction of Jyväskylä arriving from the E 63 (highway 9) will be directed to  road 58 at Orivesi, leading to Huutijärvi (in Kangasala) and continue to highway 12 leading towards the competition center.

From the East: Traffic arriving along road 12 will be directed to road 3231 (Iharintie) leading towards the competition center. The signposting will start at Pälkäne.

The arrivals on road 325 from the direction of Sappee are recommended to approach the competition centre along roads 3230 and 3231.

Optional roads: It is recommended to use the optional roads during the suspected congestion hours. The optional road for the arrivals from the east starts at Jämsä along road 24 to the south and later along road 325. From road 325 turn to left at Kuhmalahti or Sahalahti heading to road 3231 towards Ihari.

Optional road to the arrivals from the direction of Lahti along road 12, starts at Tuulos turning to road 3222. Road 3222 passes via Sappee to road 3231 leading towars Ihari.

The optional roads are narrow compared to the main directions, but by using them the traffic congnestion might be avoided.

The signposts will be standing on Friday14.6.2018 at 7.00 and must be followed.

Passenger cars

Passenger cars are directed to the field parking areas, marked P1-P8. The P-signs must be strictly obeyed.

The navigation address is: Heponiementie 73, Kangasala.

Distances from the P-area to the competition centre is 2000 meters at the maximum.

There is no passenger transport from the car parks. Pedestrians need to be careful when walking towards the competition centre. The instuctions given by the organisers must be followed. The passageways in the competition centre are likely to be crowded so please do not stop in the middle of the passageway with packages, but step to the side and leave space for others to pass.

There are drop-off points in the car parking areas where baggage can be left for transport to the different accommodation areas. The dropped-off luggage will be transported to a location, near to the respective accommodation areas, from where they can then be collected. Similarly, on Sunday, participants can leave their belongings at the drop-off points near the accommodation areas to be transported to the parking area. Luggage will be delivered during the following times: Saturday 9-15, Sunday 7-12. Drop off points are marked with signs.

In Kangasala center, nearby Pikkola school campus, there are reserved parking areas for Jukola participants and visitors. From there a buss will transport you to the Jukola competition centre (tickets can be bought on the bus).

It is prohibited to park on the roads that lead to parking areas and will be under surveillance. Also, the private areas and roads are not allowed for parking. Cars parked on private or otherwise forbidden areas will be towed away. The price of the towing will be billed from the owner of the car.

VIP and media authorized cars will be directed to the separate parking places P 9-10, Heponiementie 150. This area cannot be accessed without the valid parking permit. Keep the parking permit displayed clearly on the inside of the car’s windshield upon arrival.

INVA /Disabled card allows people with reduced mobility access to the VIP parking area.  A parking ticket (20 €) must be redeemed from the Jukola store or the information center.

Parking tickets for passenger cars can be purchased from the Jukola store, information center, or when leaving the car park. The parking fee for a car is 20€ if purchased from the store or competition center, and 25€ if purchased when leaving the car park. When leaving the parking area, only the correct amount of cash is accepted! Parking tickets are checked at departure. Please note that vehicles with a paid parking ticket will be directed to a separate lane upon leaving the car park to avoid queuing.

Remember: Do not leave valuables in sight! There are toilets nearby the parking areas. Please note that there can be congestion also upon leaving on Sunday.

Competition Buses

There are three different bus connections to the competition center.


  1. Kangasala, Pikkola (Finnentie 40) – Kaivanto hospital – competition center
  2. Pälkäne, bus station – crossroads by Aapiskukko – competetion center
  3. Tampere bus station– Rautatienkatu 27-29 – competition center

Price per ticket (one way):

Tampere-Competition center 7,00

Tampere-Competition center, mobile 6,10

Kangasala-Competition center 5,00

Kangasala-Kisakeskus, mobile 4,40

Pälkäne-Aapiskukko-Competition center 5,00

Pälkäne-Aapiskukko-Competition center, mobile 4,10

Kaivanto-Competition center 4,00

Kaivanto- Competition center, mobile, 4,00

Children max 12y. -50%.  No other special prices.

The prices include taxes.

Timetables are found on Competition buses page.


The bus stops are marked with Jukola-guideposts.

The end stop is located close to the competition centre in Heponiementie 128. There are toilets close to the bus stop.


Motor homes

Places for motor homes and caravans have to be booked in advance through the registration system, as instructed in the competition invitation. The number of places for vehicles is limited and they are allocated in the order of registration. The parking fee of EUR 50/100 will be paid in advance in the registration system as an online payment.

Motor homes and caravans are directed to the parking area P1, Raikuntie 84, Kangasala.

A parking permit for motor homes and caravans is provided to all pre-booked persons. The parking permit should be kept visible on the inside of the car’s windscreen until departure.

The P-areas for motor homes and caravans will be open from Friday 14 June, starting at 10.00. There are a drinking water point and toilets in the parking area. There is no drainage of septic tanks for parking areas. It is recommended to empty the tanks before entering Jukola.

Distance from the car parks to the competition centre is max. 2800 meters. Open fire and the use of grill is prohibited outside the vehicle. Also, the use of awnings and paraphernalia is prohibited. The use of aggregates in the tourist vehicle area is forbidden at night from 22 to 07.

Team buses

Team buses will be directed to the drop-off point south of the competition centre, address is Heposeläntie 44-120. During the competition weekend Heposeläntie is a one-way road from west to east. No other cars are allowed on that road, excluding the service and rescue traffic.

The guiding begins from the road VT 12, approximately 5 km before the competition center. The team buses are directed to Heposeläntie via Iharintie and then to the drop-off points according to the color codes. There are both guiding signs and traffic guides for directing.

The contact person of the team needs to print the color code of the drop-off point and set it on to the windscreen of the bus. When arriving, the traffic guide at the drop-off point will give driving instuctions to the bus park and pick-up point after the competition.

When leaving on Sunday, the team bus is not allowed to drive to the pick-up point until the whole team is ready for boarding. The traffic guides control the traffic there. The contact person of the team should have contact with their bus driver only when the full team is ready to board the bus.

Additional route (Team buses)

After drop-off, the team buses are directed to drive to the bus park via Majaalahdentie. This applies only until 15.6.2019 at 12 o’clock.


Motorcycles (and mopeds) have their own car park close to the VIP parking area. Directions for motorcycles follow the general guidance of the VIP parking. Parking for motorcycles is also charged (20 € if purchased from the competition center and 25 € if purchased upon exiting the parking lot). Payment is checked upon departure.


Bicycle parking is located on both sides of the competition centre and is free of charge. There are no special cycling paths, and therefore cyclists must be cautious while riding. Parking areas for bicycles are marked on the competition centre map.