The Jukola Street Food -village is serving delicious vegetarian food and delicacies from the grill

The variety of food served at the Kangasala-Jukola is exceptionally wide, and should offer something for every taste. In addition to the traditional event restaurant, the public can choose from a multitude of Street Food vans.

Markus and Emmi Hämäläinen, Lasse and Mari Järvi, as well as Hanne Tuomisto enjoyed the Jukola night as spectators of the event. The traditional sausage & fries combo was well received.

– We won’t make it through the night with just this, though, Markus Hämäläinen says. We might just watch the end of the race from the comfort of our own home..

Markus ja Emmi Hämäläinen, Lasse ja Mari Järvi sekä Hanne Tuomisto

The vegetarian options at the Street Food -village received praise from twins Soile and Soila Kouvonen. This is the tenth Jukola event for the siblings and they have noticed a change in the food trend.

– Unlike now, during the first years there was hardly any vegetarian food, Soila Kouvonen comments.

Soile Kouvonen, who ran the anchor leg for the KaHJoS 1 -team wishes the lines were longer for the veggie burger.

– Although I shouldn’t complain as I don’t need to queue for very long. The vegetarians are happy, Soile comments while enjoying her Korean BBQ burger.

Soile ja Soila Kouvonen


Text: Hanna Kalmari
Photos: Aaro Tuukkanen