Runner Bank

The entry fee is 140 euros per team. Entry will be closed on Friday 4th August at 23:59 Finnish time.

Late entries are accepted through the registration system until 13th August at 23:59 Finnish time. For late entries, the entry fee is 190 euros per team.

The fees are paid through the registration system. For non-Finnish teams, an additional bank service fee may be charged for currency transfer.

Additional services can be selected in the online registration system:

  • Emit cards: rent 5 euros per Emit (valid for Saturday only, use the IRMA system for Sunday’s events), available until 13th August.
  • Pitch for club tents: 12 euros, available until 13th August. The size will be at least 5 meters x 6 meters.
  • Accommodation (a local school): 25 euros per night, available for Friday/Saturday as well as Saturday/Sunday nights, includes breakfast and bedtime snack, available until 30th July. Allergies and other dietary requirements should be reported by email to Pekka Vasara by 30th July: pekka.vasara at
  • Meals: 9.50 euros per day (Saturday, Sunday) when pre-ordered, 11 euros per day if bought from the restaurant. Coupons will be delivered amongst the club material. Pre-ordering is available until 30th July.
  • Model event for sprint: 5 euros per map. The model event is located near the school used for accommodation, circa 2 kilometers from the competition centre. One of the two events on Sunday (the Compass event) will be sprint orienteering. The maps will be delivered amongst the club material. Maps can also be bought from the information desk on Saturday.