Competition Instructions

Hyvinkään Rastin logo38th Youth Jukola
Saturday 19.8.2023, Hyvinkää
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Competition Rules

The Rules of the Finnish Orienteering Federation are applied in the competition together with the instructions given by the organizers. Spiked shoes are forbidden on all legs. Shoes with studs are forbidden on leg 7. (Note: Contrary to the Invitation of the Competition, shoes with studs are forbidden only on leg 7.)

Eligibility to Participate

The relay is organized primarily for orienteering club teams. Combined teams may be formed, if a club otherwise could not find enough competitors to form a team or a club has more young competitors than they can fit into their own teams. A team may also be formed from schools or youth organizations of the same county. If an orienteering club member wants to participate in a team of a school or youth organization, a permission from the orienteering club is required.

Age and gender regulations apply to all teams. It is possible to apply for an exception to the age and gender regulations from the Technical Advisor. The teams that receive a permission are defined to be combined teams.

Participants do not need to have a Finnish Orienteering Federation license nor insurance, but the participation is at the competitor’s own risk.

Legs, Age and Skill Regulations and Distances

Leg 1: HD16 (b. 2007–), skill level 14, 4.7–4.8 km
Leg 2: D16 (b. 2007–), skill level 14, 4.7–4.8 km
Leg 3: HD14 (b. 2009–), skill level 10, 2.3 km
Leg 4: D14 (b. 2009–), skill level 12, 2.7–2.8 km
Leg 5: HD14 (b. 2009–), skill level 12, 2.7–2.8 km
Leg 6: HD18 (b. 2005–), skill level 16, 6.0–6.1 km
Leg 7: D18 (b. 2005–), skill level 16, 5.3–5.4 km
Total 28.5 km

All legs include approximately 350 meters of marked route. All legs except leg 3. include forking.

Some legs run close to the competition center and competitors may be viewed from the competition center.

Estimated Leg and Changeover Times

Leg 1: estimated time 27 min, leading team’s changeover at 11.27
Leg 2: estimated time 30 min, leading team’s changeover at 11.57
Leg 3: estimated time 14 min, leading team’s changeover at 12.11
Leg 4: estimated time 20 min, leading team’s changeover at 12.31
Leg 5: estimated time 18 min, leading team’s changeover at 12.49
Leg 6: estimated time 35 min, leading team’s changeover at 13.25
Leg 7: estimated time 33 min, winners estimated at finish line at 14.00

Running Order

Final running orders must be submitted by Friday, 18.8.2023, 18.00 o’clock through the registration system. If that is not possible, the running order must be submitted in a written from to the official responsible for the info stand. Well justified changes to the running order may be submitted to the info stand in a written form by 10.00 o’clock on the competition day. The changes are accepted or rejected by the Technical Advisor.

A team that does not submit their running order according to the instructions may not start. A team running in any other than submitted order will be disqualified.

Competition Cards and Punching System

Emit punching system will be used in the competition. A team must have at least three Emit cards. The same Emit card may not be used in two different teams or on consecutive legs in the same team.

Emit cards may be rented from the organizer for 5 €/card. The number of needed rental cards must be told to the organizer upon registration. The numbers of Emit cards do not have to be told in advance.

The team material contains Emit control slips. It is highly recommended to use them.


Controls are marked with orange/white flags in the terrain. Every control also has a Emit punching device, in which a competitor must punch the Emit card. To be sure that the punching has been registered, the Emit card should be punched to the bottom of the device. The code of the control can be found next to the punching device, so the competitor may check that the control is the correct one. A model control is available at the competition center.

Control Descriptions

Control descriptions are printed in the maps. The codes of the controls have also been printed in the map. They are separated from the numbers of the controls with a hyphen. There are a lot of controls in the terrain, so the code of the control should be checked every time.

Forbidden Areas

There are several forbidden areas in the terrain. The forbidden areas are marked on the maps according to the specifications. The forbidden areas are marked with continuous red and white plastic band in the terrain, when the forbidden area is marked with a continuous line on the map.  As described in the Rules of the Finnish Orienteering Federation, olive green courtyards are forbidden areas.

The following pictures show examples of forbidden areas without a plastic band, with plastic band in the terrain and two forbidden areas, where the trail between them may be used. The examples are not from the competition terrain.

Start, Changeover, Finish and Emit Checkpoint

The start takes place at 11.00. The winning team is estimated to cross the finish line at approximately 14.00. The start is at the competition center. The way from the start/changeover to the starting point is marked and must be followed.

The entrance to the start and changeover area goes through the check-in tent, in which the competitors’ Emit cards will be registered and cleared. The competitors are not allowed to leave the changeover area after the check-in. There are portable toilets in the changeover area.

The check-in for the first leg opens at 10.20. The runners of other legs may check-in after the competition has started. The check-in will be closed at 14.45.

If the competitor’s own Emit card is not working when entering the changeover area, the officials will give her/him a working Emit card. The 5 € fee will be paid after the run to the information desk, where the Emit card should also be returned and the competitor’s own card received back. There is a 75 € fee for every unreturned Emit card.

The runners of the first leg will be directed into rows of 15 competitors. Maps will be given out approximately 2 minutes before the start. The maps are numbered by team and leg, and it is the competitor’s responsibility to check that she/he receives the correct map. The map may be turned around only when the competition starts. The start will occur according to the directions of the speaker and the teams making a jump start will be disqualified. The start signal will be given with a train whistle.

There is a marked route from the last control to the finish. Competitors must follow the marked route. The finish line is divided into several lanes and the runner must use the correct lane for her/his leg according to the officials’ instructions. There is a control right after the finish line, which every runner must punch when she/he is changing over or finishing.

The finishing order of places 1–30 will be determined by the finish line judge, if necessary. The rankings after that will be determined according to the finish line punching.

After the changeover or finish line punching, the map should be given to the officials and other than the seventh leg runners continue to the map stands, where they take the map of the following runner. From the map stand the runner continues to the changeover bar, where she/he hands the map to the following runner of the team, who may then start her/his leg. The maps are numbered by team and leg, and it is the competitor’s responsibility to check that she/he has received the correct map. Teams competing with a wrong map will be disqualified.

If the correct map is not found from the map stand, the competitor must contact an official at the changeover area, who will give a reserve map. The time lost when getting a reserve map will not be compensated.

Competitors exit the changeover and finish line area through Emit checkpoint. In case there are unclarities with punching, the coach of the team will be consulted, if necessary. Additional punches do not result in disqualification, if the runner has gone through correct controls in the correct order.

The finishing line closes at 17.00.

Demonstration of start, changeover and finishing routines takes place at 10.30.

Dropping out

Drop-out competitors come to the changeover and finish in a normal way. Drop-out shall be announced at the Emit checkpoint. If the competitor is unable to run to the finish area (example: injury) she/he must announce the drop-out to an official of the competition and give the competition map to her/him.

If a competitor has dropped out or has been disqualified, the other orienteers of the team may run their legs in a normal way. However, if a drop-out or disqualified team is less than half an hour behind the leading team, its relay will be put on hold at the changeover until half an hour has passed from the changeover of the leading team. The runner will get more detailed information from the officials at the changeover.


The changeover of the relay will be closed at 14.45. A restart for the orienteers, who have not competed by that time, will be arranged at 15.00. The restart will take place at the map stands according to the instructions given by the speaker. The check-in to the restart will close at 14.45.

Coaching Lane

There will be a coaching lane along the way from changeover to the start point, in which the coaches of orienteering clubs may go and advise orienteers on legs 3–5. The coaching lane may only be used for advising the orienteers on legs 3–5, and the coaches may not have any maps with them.

Number Bibs

The number bibs are compulsory. The bib must be attached to the chest of the shirt, so that it is clearly visible. The bar code must remain undamaged until it has been read at the competitors’ check-in.

Drinking Points

There are no drinking points in the terrain. Water is available for the competitors at the finish.

Start List

The numbered start list of the participating teams will be published on the competition website 48 hours before the start at the latest.

Competition Terrain

The competition terrain is mainly public recreational area with many trails and walkways. Longer legs also include some more covered areas and easily crossed swamps. The height differences in the area are 20–35 meters at the largest. There are many restricted areas because of nature protection. Therefore, also shoes with studs are forbidden on leg 7.

It is forbidden to move in the competition terrain other than during your own performance until the finish line has been closed on Sunday 20.8. This does not apply to the usage of public roads and walkways to the services in the area (e.g. Hotel Sveitsi or SeikkailuSveitsi).

Competition Map

The competition map has been remapped by Harri Hytönen in 2022–2023, with the scale of 1:10000, contour interval 5 m. It is a printed map in the size A4. The maps are enclosed in plastic covers. The old map of the area can be found on the competition website. The competition map is also on display at the changeover area.

The competitors need to hand out the competition maps until the restart. The maps of each club may be collected from the information desk after the restart.

The following special symbols are used in the competition maps:

Green vertical stripes have in some places been used to mark fallen trees.

Orienteer Bank

Orienteers looking for a team may register themselves in the Orienteer Bank. A link to the Orienteer Bank can be found from the competition website.

The organizers will form combined teams from orienteers in the Orienteer Bank on the competition day. The participation fee for orienteers of such teams is 20 €/person. The teams from Orienteer Bank will be formed by the opening ceremony and such teams may collect their team material and pay the participation fee at the information desk.

Online Broadcast

The competition will be broadcasted on IS-TV and Ruutu and may afterwards be viewed on YouTube. It is forbidden for all competitors, relatives and coaches at the competition center to follow the broadcasts and utilize the information from the broadcast during the competition.

GPS Tracking

The top teams will carry GPS tracking devices on legs 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 and 7. If a team refuses to carry a tracking device, it will be disqualified. A list of the teams to carry GPS devices will be published on the competition website in advance, but changes may be made during the competition.

Competitors who will carry GPS tracking devices may collect their GPS vests from the tent next to the check-in of the changeover area from 10.00 onwards. It is allowed to use own GPS vests. The GPS device should be collected from the same tent when the competitor is going to check in. The officials will put the tracking device into a pocket of the vest. After a competitor has crossed the finish line, the GPS device and the vest should be returned to the same tent immediately after Emit checking.

Competitors are not allowed to use GPS devices with screens during the competition.

Instructions on Arrival

The markings guiding to the competition center start from intersection 17 on highway 3 (Pohjoinen kehätie). The markings will be available on the competition day from 8.00. The address for navigating is Pohjoinen kehätie 20, Hyvinkää.

A map for arriving instructions can be found from the competition website.


Competitor parking will be arranged on the side of road Vaiveronkatu and parking lots nearby.
– Parking area P1 Vaiveronkatu / parking lot of the indoor ice hockey arena, guided parking.
– Parking area P2 Mustikkamaankatu, no guiding for parking.
– Parking area P3 Pujottelutie is dedicated for club bus parking only.

The walking distance from the parking areas to the competition center is approximately 300–400 meters. There is limited space for parking, but parking for the most part of road Vaiveronkatu is allowed in accordance with the traffic rules. There will be no guiding for the parking along the sides of the streets. The distance from the street parking to the competition center may be over 1 kilometer.

A map of the parking areas can be found om the competition website.

Competition Center

The address of the competition center is Vaiveronkatu 70, Hyvinkää. The competition center consists of several football fields, grassfield and an ice hockey arena and its parking lot. There is indoor space available for changing and washing. There are also several stands selling orienteering gear in the competition center.

It is forbidden to walk with spiked shoes inside the ice hockey arena.

There is public transportation available to the competition center: the distance from the railway station is approx. 2 km and the local bus (line no 6) stops next to the competition center.

Club Tents

The place for the club tent must be reserved in the registration system. Club tents may be set up at the competition center area from Friday, 18.8.2023, 18.00 on. The size of the place is 6 x 8 m and the fee 12 €. Clubs may ask for possible free places from the information desk.

Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony of Youth Jukola Relay will be held on the ceremony stage at 10.00.


The best 15 club teams will be awarded with Youth Jukola medals. The seven best club teams will be awarded with honorary awards. The best team will receive trophy of Youth Jukola for one year and a miniature trophy for good. In addition, the best combined team receives an award. The awards will be given during the closing ceremonies at 15.45. The awarded teams should arrive there at least 15 minutes before the prize-giving begins.

Youth Jukola Trophy

Rules of the Youth Jukola Trophy

  • Teams compete for the trophy of Youth Jukola Relay donated by OP-Ryhmä (OP Financial Group) for seven consecutive years. The current trophy is used 2021–2027.
  • The trophy will be given to the team which wins the relay with approved performance. The team is obligated to take good care of the trophy, get the relevant engravings to it as well as to bring the trophy to the following year’s relay. The club will receive a separate miniature trophy for good.
  • Trophy challenging points will be given from 2021 to 2027 for best 15 club teams as the following:
    • Winning team will get 25 points and the following places 20–15–12–11–10–9–8–7–6–5–4-3–2–1 points.
    • If there are two or more teams from the same club in the top 15, only the best team of those will get the points. The unshared points will be given to the next best team.
  • In 2027, after seven competitions, the club that has achieved the highest total number of points in five competitions between 2021 and 2027 will receive the trophy. If more than one club has achieved the same points, the winner is the one with the most wins. If the win is not decided this way, then the one with most second places in addition to wins, then third places, etc.


The information desk is open at the competition center on Friday 18.8.2023 on 17–21 and on the competition day from 8.00 on .

Lost and found items should be brought to the information desk. One may also inquire for a lost item there.

Competition Material

Competition material may be collected from the information desk on the competition day. The material includes prepaid meal tickets and Emit card control slips, but no safety pins. Safety pins may be purchased from the information desk. The competition material will only be given out if the club has made all necessary payments. Possible open payments may be made at the information desk.

Rented Emit cards will be given out together with the competition material against the club representative’s signature. Cards should be returned to the information desk after the competition. A fee of 75 € will be collected for every unreturned Emit card.

First aid

There is a first aid station in the ice hockey arena. In case of an emergency, one should call the emergency number (112). In previous years there have been wasp nests on the ground, so allergic competitors are recommended to bring their own medicine with them.


There is a restaurant at the competition center. A meal will cost 11 €. There are two different meals available, one of which is free from dairy, lactose, and gluten. The restaurant is open 10.30–16.30. Payments may be made with cards, by cash and MobilePay.

In addition to the restaurant, there is a cafe and candy sales at the competition center. The cafe of the organizing club will open at 8.30 and the grill at 10.00.


Safety plan is published on the competition website before the competition. It is forbidden to make open fire or use gas or fuel cookers in the competition center. Smoking is also prohibited.

Tidyness and Recycling

It is forbidden to leave trash in the competition terrain. We ask the orienteers to be as tidy as possible and recycle their trash also in the competition center.

Activity Track

There is an activity track for the youngest members of the family in the competition center. It opens at 10. Children participate in the activities under the responsibility of their parents.

Officials and Contact Information

Competition Director: Marko Pietari
Course Setter: Ossi Autio
Publicist: Riikka Ahoniemi (kilpailut.tiedotus at
Technical Advisor: Mika Kantola
Course controller: Jouni Moisander
Jury: Timo Sirola (chairman), Maija Pasanen, Anton Salmenkylä