Statement by the Chief course master

In the Valio-Jukola orienteering terrain there are still some isolated tree fellings left from the autumn 2011 storm. Larger felling areas have either been fixed or are marked in the Valio-Jukola orienteering maps. One exempt remains, however, and this felling area has been marked in the map located in the start area of Valio-Jukola.

The competition terrain borders several residential areas. This is also reflected in an abundance of paths in the near-by areas. Also hikers have left marks into the terrain. The path illustrations of these areas have been simplified in the Valio-Jukola maps.

Also a field archery range is located in the competition area. Its route has been marked in the terrain with red-yellow plastic bands. On some of the field archery tracks also some plastic animal models are in the view of passers-by.