GPS Teams

GPS Tracking

A GPS tracking system will be used in both relays on all legs. If a team refuses to carry the device, the team will be disqualified. Approximately 30 teams will carry the device on each leg of both relays.

The GPS device will be given to the runner at a special GPS point at the entrance gate to the start / changeover area. The GPS device and the number bib vest that has a pocket for the GPS-device must be worn at all times from the moment the person enters the Emit check in to the point when the team has returned the GPS device. The GPS device has to be put on at the latest 15 minutes before the runner starts their leg. During the race, the organizer may change the teams that carry the devices. The teams selected for GPS tracking during the race continue to use their normal bibs.

Teams chosen to GPS-tracking


1 IFK Göteborg 1
2 OK Linne
3 Kalevan Rasti
4 Stora Tuna OK
5 Nydalens SK
6 Tampereen Pyrintö
7 SK Pohjantähti
8 Lahden Suunnistajat -37
10 OK Pan Århus
12 Suunta Jyväskylä
13 Helsingin Suunnistajat
14 Järla Orienteering
15 IFK Göteborg 2
18 Rastikarhut
20 Göteborg Majorna OK
22 Halden SK
25 IKHP Huskvarna
26 OK Kåre
36 Espoon Suunta
37 Västerviks OK
39 MS Parma
56 IFK Lidingö SOK
89 Eksjö SOK


1 Stora Tuna OK
2 OK Linne
3 Helsingin Suunnistajat
4 Tampereen Pyrintö
5 KooVee
6 IL Tyrving
7 MS Parma
9 OL Norska
10 Pan-Kristianstad
11 Ikaalisten Nouseva Voima
12 OK Ravinen
13 Södertälje Nykvarn Orienteering
14 Nydalens SK
15 Halden SK
16 Turun Metsänkävijät
17 Hagaby GoIF
19 Kalevan Rasti
21 Navi
23 OK Kåre
25 OK Orion
27 IFK Göteborg 1
28 Göteborg Majorna OK
31 Malungs OK Skogsmårdarna
131 IFK Göteborg 2