Welcome to Kauhava

Summer calls to Kauhava!

Kauhava is located in Southern Ostrobothnia, at the heart of Seinäjoki, Vaasa, and Kokkola. The location is
ideal for travelers, as in addition to PowerPark, many other popular destinations in Southern Ostrobothnia
are in the same direction, such as Ähtäri Zoo and Keskisen Kyläkauppa. Moreover, about an hour’s drive
from Vaasa, the world’s most environmentally friendly passenger ship, Aurora Botnia, operates to Umeå.

PowerPark attracts around 400,000 visitors to Kauhava annually. Besides PowerPark, visitors are interested
in places like Härmä Spa with its services, the Finnish Jäger Museum, Iisakki Järvenpää’s knife factory,
Lankava, and other fantastic handicraft destinations, along with numerous summer events.
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Traveler’s Tips:

Kauhava on the Map

Kauhava is a safe and vibrant small town with approximately 15,000 residents. The city was formed over
ten years ago through the merger of the municipalities of Alahärmä, Kauhava, Kortesjärvi, and Ylihärmä.
The former municipalities are now four lively neighbourhoods within the city, each with its unique
Kauhava is crossed by Highway 19 and Main Road 63, making it easily accessible. The city also has excellent
train connections, with two stations, including Härmä station, which is open in the summer to serve