Towards a more sustainable Jukola

We want to communicate transparently about our sustainability policies, objectives and actions through the publication of our sustainability report, which consists of our sustainability programme.

Our main objective is to contribute to sustainable development and to increase the sense of community in the orienteering community.

Our work is guided by openness and transparency, strong involvement of our stakeholders and a focus on sustainability in every aspect of our work.

Sustainability programme

Our sustainability programme assesses and identifies the most relevant impacts of the event on the environment and people.
Policies guides our actions and we have set a series of targets to achieve sustainability and responsibility.
We monitor progress towards our objectives through a range of indicators and, for our part, we ensure the sustainability of the Jukola message in all its different aspects.

– Environmental responsibility

  • The requirements of the EkoKompassi -environmental certification provide targets for promoting sustainable development and encourage new innovations to find new solutions and improve existing ones.

– Social responsibility

  • The Jukola event is organised in accordance with the principles of a sports clubs. All participants in the event must be able to experience equality, safety and well-being, not forgetting fair play and team spirit.
    In our sustainability programme, we take into account different factors when planning activities in different areas.

– Governance

  • The principle of transparency and openness is reflected in the way we manage. The Ethical principles published in the Sustainability Report guide our actions.

Sustainability Report

The Sustainability Report sets out the principles, objectives, indicators and performance indicators of our sustainability programme.
Progress will be made during the spring to include the full sustainability programme in the report.
You can follow our sustainability work in real time HERE

Working together on sustainability

Dialogue with different stakeholders is important. The search for sustainable development and responsible solutions is carried out together with our partners. We require our partners to commit to our ethical principles.
We invite our stakeholders, our own organisation and the participants of the event to join us in our sustainability work!

Use THIS LINK or the QR code below to submit suggestions and ideas for improvement or feedback on our sustainability work. You can participate in our sustainability work either anonymously or by leaving your contact details.

Tips for the Jukola-guests:

  • Please use public transports.  The Kauhava train station is only 4km from the race centre. We will arrange a shuttle bus from the train station to the competition centre.
  • Please remember to put your waste and rubbish in the correct bins – both on the course and at the competition centre.
  • Download the Jukola App from Google Play or the App Store. You’ll find all the info you need and avoid printing.