Runner bank

The Runner bank is a system that allows an individual orienteerer to try to find a team for a Venla or Jukola relay OR a team can try to find a missing orienteerer. It is quite simple to use the Runner bank. First, you should create your own personal Jukola account here , because the Runner bank cannot be used without a Jukola-account.

Registration to the Runner bank:

1) Log in to with your own Jukola account
2) Select the correct menu: “Runners searching for a team” OR “Teams looking for a runner”
3) Fill in all sections. It is worth telling your own wishes / skill level briefly and concisely.
4) Remember to memorize the PIN code given to you by the system (the PIN code will also be sent into your e-mail).
Once the notification has been submitted to the Runner bank, anyone logging in to the Runner bank will be able to see all the information you have completed except your email address.

Searching for a person / team in the Runner bank:

1) Log in to with your own Jukola account
2) Check the available list from the correct section (above is the list of individual orienteers, below is the list of teams looking for an orienteer)
3) When you find an announcement that is interesting, CALL that announcer.
4) If you reach an agreement on the leg to be orienteered, the notification must be deleted from the Runner bank by using the PIN code. Deletion can be done either by the notifier him/herself or by the person who called the notifier (in which case the notifier must tell the caller his/her own PIN).
After joining a team, the responsibility for informing the runner lies with the team to which the runner is assigned. The runner and the team should immediately agree on all the details related to running in the team (fees, leg, return maps, etc.)

The use of the Runner bank does not require contacting the Jukola office, but is used by individuals / team representatives themselves. If the PIN code has been lost, you can ask for it from the Jukola office ( One person can submit more than one notification to the Runner bank and even report other family members to the orienteering bank.

Photo: Ilkka Metsälä