Arrival and parking

On this page you will find instructions on how to arrive and park at Lakia-Jukola. Please read the instructions carefully.


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Kauhava train station is located only 4km from the Competition Centre and we will arrange a shuttle bus service between Station – Competition Centre – Station (from the arriving trains listed below). The buses will leave from the Kauhava train station parking area about 10min after the train arrives and will make several rounds between the station and the Competition Centre if necessary. Buses will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Train connection from the port of Turku: Those arriving in the port of Turku on Saturday morning will not be able to catch the train to the start of the Venla relay at 14.00. We recommend arriving in Turku on Friday and taking the train to Tampere and spending the night there. There are several morning trains from Tampere to Kauhava on Saturday.

Trains arriving in Kauhava:

Fri 14.6.

S35 from south : 9.00
IC21 from south : 9.43
IC23 from south: 11.30 and IC38 from north: 12.04
IC37 from south: 16.56
S59 from south: 19.58

Sat 15.6.

IC20 from north: 8.09
IC35 from south: 9.00
IC21 from south: 9.43
IC23 from south: 11.30
IC38 from north: 12.04
IC37 from south: 16.56
S56 from north: 18.57
IC51 from south: 19.27

Sun 16.6.

IC22 from north: 10.12
IC23 from south: 11.30
IC38 from north: 12.04
IC24 from north: 14.15
IC26 from north: 16.03
IC37 from south: 16.57
IC56 from north: 18.57

Cars and motorcycles:

Cars and motorbikes are directed to the parking area according to the direction of traffic. Signs and instructions from traffic controllers must be followed. Motorcycles have their own parking area near the Competition Centre. The parking fee for cars and motorbikes is 20€ via the app (more details will be provided later) and 25€ purchased at the Competition Info -point. The parking fee will be checked on departure. If the parking fee has not been paid at the time of departure, it will be invoiced afterwards.


Caravans will be directed to their own parking (see map below). Signs and instructions from traffic controllers must be followed. The parking fee is to be paid through the Jukola registration system. The parking fee for caravans is 50€ (until 10.5.2024) or 100€ (purchased between 10.5-31.5.2024). Electricity is not available for caravans and open fires are strictly prohibited.


Buses will be directed to the Competition Centre at the bus unloading point (see map below). Buses must follow signs and instructions from traffic controllers. When the bus is empty, it will be driven to the free bus park (see map below).

By foot, bicycle or scooter:

Arrival by foot, bicycle or scooter to the Competition Centre is via Lentokentäntie. See map below. Footpaths along the edges of the asphalted areas.

Bicycles and scooters are only allowed in the designated asphalt lane. Follow the signs! Bicycles are strictly forbidden on the runway (Parking Area)! Please wear a helmet when cycling.

There is a parking area for bicycles near the Competition Centre.

By helicopter:

Arrival by helicopter is possible. Please inform in advance of your arrival.


A map will be added as soon as possible.