Lakia-Jukola 2024 training courses

The following table shows all the training courses. After the name of the training, it is stated when it is available. 

All training maps, except, are made by Lakia-Jukola map makers Timo Joensuu and Jussi Silvennoinen.

Training outside the training terrains is prohibited.

Map / place / 

The trainings are open until 3.12, when the tracks will be picked up from the terrain. For spring, new training tracks will be made for each terrain and will open as soon as the snow melts. Welcome back next spring!

1       Ritavuori
2a    Simpsiö 1
2b    Simpsiö 2
3      Virpimäki
4a    Susivuori
4b    Susivuori
5      Porokallio
6      Yliviitala
7      Fräntykallio
8      Kukkura, model event starts 1.6.2024

Description and location of trainings

1. Ritavuori

Two different middle distance trainings: 4,7km and 5,5km.

The map is located about 17km from the competition centre. A coherent terrain with  a bare rock and small elevation differences.

Map maker Timo Joensuu.

Address: Ritasalontie 1, 62100 Lapua


2. Simpsiö

There are two different trainings on Simpsiö. Training 1 is located on the western slopes of Simpsiö, where was organized
Jukolan Viesti in 2007. The map is located about 22km from the competition centre.

Training 2 will open after the Pre-Jukola event (23.9.2023).

Map maker Timo Joensuu.

Address: Alppitie 1, Lapua


3. Virpimäki

The map is located about 30km from the competition centre.

Map maker Timo Joensuu

Address: Karistamontie, 62190 Lapua


4. Susivuori

Susivuori map is located just outside of the Lakia-Jukola competition terrain. Relay training 5,8-6,0km with forking a/b/c.

Map maker Jussi Silvennoinen

Address: Koivikontie 477, Kauhava

5. Porokallio

Porokallio is one of the best terrains of the area and the map neighbours Jukola’s training ban area.

Kauhavan Wisa will organize South Osthrobotnia championships in 12 August 2023. Terrain is open for the trainings after that competition.

Relay training 7km with forking a and c. Courses are made by Jukola course setter Roope Näsi. Map maker Voitto Erkinheimo.

Address: Koivikontie 758, Kauhava



6. Yliviitala

The map is located about 15km from the competition centre. Relay training 6km with forking. Map maker Timo Joensuu.

Address: Yliviitalantie 846, 62300 Härmä

7. Fräntykallio

Fräntykallio map is located just outside of the Lakia-Jukola competition terrain. Middle distance training 4,9km with forking. Map maker Jussi Silvennoinen.

Address: Alakylä hunting association, Metsola, Vanha sotatie 449, Kauhava

Attention! Moving to practice via the west side of the train track.

8. Model event Kukkura

Map is available from 1 June 2024. Model event is located 3km from the competition centre. All controls map.

You can buy model event map from the competition info from Friday (14.6) 10.00 to Sunday (16.6) 15.00.



All map scales are 1:10 000, contour interval 2,5 m. Map size is A4. Map files (ocd/PDF) will not be sold to clubs for the making of their own courses.


Controls are marked with a normal control flag, is code numbered and has a Jukola-logo.


Training map price is 7 €/pcs. Model event map 10 €/pcs. Please order the maps at least one week in advance.


Order the maps by email at least one week before the actual need.

When ordering the maps, please provide following information

  1. Contact person name and phone number
  2. which maps are ordered
  3. The number of maps
  4. where do you pick up the maps (ABC Kauhava or ABC Lapua)

The maps must be paid directly after they are ordered, to ensure payment has gone through.

Pick up your maps from the ABC-gas station:

  • ABC Lapua, Latojantie 9, 62100 Lapua OR
  • ABC Kauhava, Peltopassi 2, 62200 Kauhava.

You can pick up the training maps at ABC Lapua or ABC Kauhava cash desk after the payment.


Please give us feedback on any issues noticed during your training (for example missing control points etc.). Feedback can be sent to: