Lakia-Jukola thanks you – explore the competition’s photo gallery

The Jukola month has turned from June to July, and it’s time for big thanks!

Lakia-Jukola is now behind us, and we want to extend our gratitude to every participant, competitor, spectator, support crew, volunteer, landowner, and everyone who contributed to making the event successful! According to the feedback received, the event was a success in the eyes of both competitors and visitors. Thank you also for the valuable feedback!

In total, Lakia-Jukola hosted 17,227 competitors from 19 different countries. There were 3,070 teams in total. Additionally, there were 1,700 volunteers involved in Lakia-Jukola.

Anyone can relive the Lakia-Jukola atmosphere by visiting the photo site, where the Jukola volunteer photographer team has compiled highlights of the event. Besides the participants of Jukola and Venla relays, there are also photos available of various side events.

The photos uploaded to the site are freely downloadable for personal use by Jukola visitors, for communication, news reporting, sport promotion, and partner use. When publishing a photo, the photographer’s name, found from the tag underneath the photo, must be mentioned. Any commercial use of the photos must be directly agreed upon with the photographer.

Photos can be found at:

The Jukola relay flag has been handed over to Mikkeli, where we will meet for Mikkeli-Jukola on June 14-15, 2025 and training maps are already available!

Photo: Kimmo Hirvonen