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Venla Relay
Jukola Relay


Yle TV 1 sekä Yle Areena
Venla Relay la 16.6. klo 13.45-17.20
Jukola Relay la 16.6. klo 22.45- su 17.6. klo 08.00

International WEB-TV-broadcast
Jukola Pre-broadcast, friday 15.6. at 18.00 – 19.00 (local time) (FREE)
Venla relay, saturday 16.6. at 13.45-17.30 local time.
Jukola relay, saturday 16.6. at 22.45-07.30 local time
Both relays 16 euros. Commentators (eng) Linus Hoffman and Viljam Liljeroth

Purchasing a ticket code

Visa-, Visa Electron ja Mastercard cards, as well as PayPal, APE wallet and Mobile payment (call to a pay number) are accepted. All major Finnish banks can be used to purchase tickets: Nordea, Osuuspankki, SP, Nooa, POP, Aktia, Danske Bank, Handelsbanken, S-Pankki, Ålandsbanken, Tapiola Pankki.

Click shopping cart icon to buy a ticket. Then follow the instructions. It’s important that you give a working email address at the beginning, because we send the ticket code via email. (Remember to check your spam box if you don’t get the code into your inbox).

After clicking order button you are asked for a payment method. When you have completed the payment you are redirected back to our service and your ticket code and direct watch link are displayed. Write the code down, so you can also return and open the stream later.

One watching code can be used only on one device at a time.


Yle Puhe Lahti 90,5MHz
Jukola-night pe 15.6. klo 18.02-19.00
Venla Relay la 16.6. klo 13.45-17.20
Jukola Relay la 16.6. klo 22.45 – su 17.6. klo 08.00

Yle Lahti
la klo 9-14 ja klo 18-22.
Päijät-Häme 97,9MHz, Kanta-Hämeä 96.0MHz, 99.2MHZ sekä 107.9MHz and via internet .

Speaker at the competition area.
la 16.6. klo 10 – su 17.6. klo 15.