Media Services

General information

The media centre is located in the vicinity of the finish area, offering working space and possibilities for interviews for the media representatives. You need to have an accreditation in order to work in the media centre. Check the location of the media centre from the arena map (item n:o 9).

The opening hours of the media center:

  • Friday, June 15, 12:00-18:00
  • Saturday, June 16, 09:00-24:00
  • Sunday, June 17, 00:00-15:00

Media ID’s from the media info

The Media ID cards and Photo vests are delivered for the accredited representatives of the media at the media info desk located inside the media center. The ID-card and vest will guarantee the access to the media center as well as to the spots reserved for the photographers. Please keep in mind that you need to have your ID-card and photo vest visible when working within these areas. See further information on photographing in Lahti–Hollola Jukola.

Media parking and arrival to the competition center

There is a separate parking lot reserved for the media representatives close to the competition centre. You can see the location of the parking lot from the competition center map.

Cars having a specific media parking permit will be guided to the lot through Hollola (guiding to the parking starts from Rantatie 952, 16710, Hollola Kirkonkylä, Hollola). Please notice that you cannot access the media parking lot without the proper permit. Please make sure that the permit is clearly visible inside the windshield of the car. The permit will be sent to the accredited media representatives during week 23 in June.

Media accreditation

The period for accreditation has ended. Information concerning the approval of the accreditation has been sent to those that have applied.

Working spaces, food and other general issues

There are approximately one hundred working spots available with wireless connections in the media center. Some snacks and drinks are available for the media representatives while working in the media center.

Further information:

Media center manager Eeva-Maria Vainio +358 40 7736871,

Communications director Juha Reinikainen +358 44 9700717,