Directions to the competition center


Arrival traffic to Lahti-Hollola Jukola

Traffic nearby competition center

Buss parking

The traffic is diverted into several arrival routes, parking areas and bus unloading areas. Nevertheless, please ensure you arrive as early as possible to ensure you have enough time to enter the competition center. Congestion is most likely to occur on Saturday between 11:00 and 14:00.

Major construction works in the center of Lahti and the southern ring road has also begun and due to these ongoing work directions via the shortest route will not be signposted.

Directions to the competition center will mainly be via highway 12.

You can listen to Jukola traffic announcements from Yle Lahti at 93.2 MHz or Radio Power at 98.6 MHz.

Arrival Directions

From the South:  Traffic arriving from highway 4 (VT4) will be directed on to the old Helsinki road number 140 at junction 13. Signposting to the competition center start at Lahti Jokimaa at the crossroads of road 140 and road 296.

From the Southeast: From the direction of Orimattila (road 167) signposting starts at Renkomäki (road 296, Hollola).

From the west: For traffic arriving from highway 12 (VT12), signposting starts at Sairakkala, about 19 km before Lahti, (junction of roads 3173 and 2953).

From the south-west:  For traffic arriving from the direction of Riihimäki (KT54), signposting starts approx. 5km before the junction with Korpikyläntie (road 2954).

From the north and east: For traffic arriving from the direction of Mänttä, signposting starts at Asikkala at the junction of highway 24 and road 317, at the intersection with KT24 in Lahti Holma and at highways VT4 / VT5 at junction 18 Lahti Karisto.

VT4 / VT5 traffic from the direction of Mikkeli merges onto VT 12 at junction 17 Joutjärvi (Lahti, Tampere)

The road signposts will be in place on Friday, June 15, 2018 at 07:00 and must be followed.

Passenger cars

Passenger cars are directed to the two field parking areas, the P-area South and the P-area North, via the Hollolan Church road (Kirkkotie) according to the organizer’s directions.

Navigator addresses

– P-area South, Kirkkotie 2 15880 Hollola

– P-area North, Rantatie 952 16710 Hollola

Distances from the P-area to the competition center from the south are about 2.7km (P-area South, P1-4) and about 2.2km from the north (P-area North, P5).

There is no passenger transport from the car parks. In the car parking areas there are drop off locations where baggage can be left for transport to the different accommodation areas. The dropped-off luggage will be transported to a location, near to the respective accommodation areas, where they can then be collected. Similarly, on Sunday, a participant can leave his belongings at a location near the accommodation to be transported to the parking area. Luggage will be delivered during the following times: Fri 16.6. 10-22, Sat 17.6. 8-20, Sun 18.6. 8-16.

Transport of goods is carried out in cooperation with farmers using tractors and trailers. Drop off points are signposted

  • Competition center south, at the eastern part of Church road (Kirkkotie)
  • Competition center north at the drop-off point for team buses number B7.

In the immediate vicinity of the Lahti Travel Center, parking is available for families with children and the disabled. Parking is available on the Asko parking area, Askonkatu 9, 15100, Lahti. The parking area is not manned or guarded. From there you can easily reach the competition center via the Travel Center with a normal pay bus service.

Map of parking in Askonalue

Next to Jukola’s southern parking area, the Hollolan Työtjärvi and Krouvi residential areas have a ban on all non-resident parking in the area, which will be controlled. A badly parked car is a safety hazard. A resident ID will be given to those who live in these residential areas.

VIP and media authorized cars will be directed via Hollola (guidance point: Rantatie 952, 16710, Hollola) to the parking area near the competition center. This area cannot be accessed without the proper parking permit. Keep the parking permit displayed prominently on the inside of the car’s windshield upon arrival.

INVA /Disabled card allows people with reduced mobility access to the VIP parking area.  A parking ticket (15 €) must be redeemed from the Jukola store or the information center.

Parking tickets for passenger cars can be purchased from the Jukola store, information center or when leaving the car park. The parking fee for cars is 15€ if purchased from the store or competition center or 25€ if purchased when leaving the car park. When leaving the parking, only the correct amount, payable by cash only, is accepted! Parking tickets are checked at departure. Please note that vehicles with a paid parking ticket will be directed to a separate lane upon leaving the car park, so as to avoid queuing.

Remember: Do not leave valuables in sight!

Competition Buses

There are two different bus connections to the competition center.

A bus service will be provided from the Lahti Travel Center to the competition centre via Hollola town center and Kukonkoivu industrial area. When purchased on board the bus tickets cost 6€ (only in cash). It is recommended that you buy pre-paid mobile tickets which cost 4,70€. The end stop is located south of the competition center, about 500m from the exchange area. The return journey (also requires a fee) takes the same route back.

Sat 16.6. from 8 am to 12 pm
From 9 am to 1 pm  and from 5 pm to 8 pm the buses will leave on 15 minutes interval. In other times the interval is 30 minutes.
Sun 17.6. from 0 am to 7 am The interval is one hour
Sun 17.6. from 7 am to 4 pm The interval is 30 minutes.

This is how you buy mobile ticket
1. Load to your phone an app called “Lahden Seudun liikenteen lippusovellus.”
2. You will find it when you search “Lahden Seudun Liikenne.”
3. Choose ticket called “Jukolan matkalippu”.
4. Pay the ticket: without registration it will be charged from your phone bill, if you register, you can pay with bank or credit card.
5. Activate the ticket before you enter the buss.
6. Show the ticket to the buss driver and enjoy the journey.

The local bus line number 4 bus runs from Nastola via Lahti travel center and the Lahti market square. Prices should be requested when entering the bus as they vary according to local traffic tax. The end stop is located approximately a 12 minute walk from the competition center. The timetable

Motor homes

Visitors arriving by motor homes or caravans should, as instructed by the invitation to competition, be booked in advance through the registration system. The number of places for vehicles is limited and they are allocated in the order of registration. The parking fee of EUR 45/90 will be paid in advance in the registration system as an online payment.

Motor homes and caravans are directed via highway 12 to the Kukonkoivu industrial area, navigation address Korpikyläntie 2, 15880, Hollola.

A parking permit for Motor homes and caravans is provided to all pre-booked persons. The parking permit shoul be kept visible on the inside of the car’s windscreen until departure.

The P-areas for motor homes and caravans are open from Friday 15 June, starting at 10.00. The areas have a drinking water point and toilets. There is no drainage of septic tanks for parking areas. It is good to empty the tanks before entering Jukola.

Distance from the car parks to the competition center is about 2,000-2,500 meters. Open fire and grill use is prohibited outside the vehicle. Also, the use of awnings and paraphernalia is prohibited. The use of aggregates in the tourist vehicle area is forbidden at night from 22 to 07.

Team buses

Team buses will be directed to the drop-off points of the competition center, either via the north (for accommodation areas Männistö and Kuusisto) or via the south (all other accommodation areas), depending on the accommodation chosen by the club.

The northern area is accessed via Hollola, the navigation address Rantatie 952 16710 Hollola.

Other accommodations are access using highway 12 via Hollola Soramäki, the navigation address Tiilikankaantie 2, 15880 Hollola.

The contact person of the teams should print the color code of the accommodation from the Jukola website. Initially traffic guides will direct buses to the bus park (Kukonkuja 3, Hollola) where they will be provided with appropriate drop-off and parking instructions for their arrival at the relevant parking areas.

Additional route (Team buses)

To reduce traffic congestion due to left turning vehicles on highway 296 (Helsinki / Orimattila) and highway 54, and possibly highway 12 westbound traffic, team buses may be directed to travel via the Messilä road (road number 14070) (follow signs).


Motorcycles (and mopeds) have their own car park in a gravel pit  at the southern edge of the competition center. Directions for motorcycles follows the general guidance of that for southern parking, but upon arrival at the parking area, motorcycles will have their own sign. Motorcycles will be directed to the parking areas via Church Road (Kirkkotie). Parking for motorcycles is also charged (15€ if purchased from the competition center and 25€ if purchased upon exiting the parking lot). Payment is checked upon departure.


Bicycle parking is located on both sides of the competition center and is free of charge. Bicycle parking areas are marked on the competition center map.


Exit from the competition center

Exiting from the competition center and the parking areas will be done according to the guidance and instructions of the organizers. Parking tickets are checked at departure.

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