How to follow Jukola relay

In the competition centre

Following Jukola relay is of course the best at the relay itself. This year the audience has the chance to see the competitors not just in the start and in the battles of the finishing stretch, but also on the audience control point on the all legs of the Venla and Jukola relays. The distance to the audience control point is approximately 800 metres from the guidance pole. The walking to the audience control points will take place along the pathways parked to the areal map (Taulamatintie, Juhanintie, Eerontie).

The Jukola organizers and Kruuva Oy will produce the TV image on three video screens in the competition centre. They show the events in the competition centre and in the forest as well as the results. The progress of top teams will also be followed with GPS trackers. The competitors get to also see video from the audience control point in the exchange area while they wait for their own team’s previous orienteerer.

From the competition instructions you can find the lengths of the different legs as well as the estimated exchange times to help to follow the competition.

With TV and radio as well as online

If you do not get to the competition centre, you can also enjoy it from your own couch or even from your cottage peer if you feel so. Yle broadcasts video feed from both the Venla and Jukola relay. You can follow the broadcast from Yle TV1 as well as in Yle Areena. You can also follow the paid English Web TV broadcast . The broadcasts from the both relays costs just the total of 16 euros.

In the radio Yle Puhe follows the competition through the night. In addition, Yle Lahti will also make a live broadcast of the event almost the whole Saturday and you can listen to the field announcements on the event area from the Saturday morning to the Sunday afternoon.

Yle TV 1 and Yle Areena
Venla relay Sa 16.6. at 1.45 pm. – 5.20pm.
Jukola relay Sa 16..6 at 10.45 pm. – Su 17.6. 8 am.

English Web TV broadcast .
Pre-broadcast Fri 15.6 at 6 pm. – 7 pm. (free)
Venla relay Sa 16.6. at 1.45 pm. – 5.20pm.
Jukola relay Sa 16..6 at 10.45 pm. – Su 17.6. 8 am.

Yle Puhe Lahti 90,5MHz
Jukola evening Fri 15.6 at 6.02 pm. – 7.00 pm.
Venla relay Sa 16.6. at 1.45 pm. – 5.20pm.
Jukola relay Sa 16.6 at 10.45 pm. – Su 17.6 8.00

Yle Lahti
Sa at 9 am. – 2 pm. and 6 pm. – 10 pm.
In Päijänne Tavastia 97,9MHz, Tavastia Proper 96.0MHz, 99.2MHZ and 107.9MHz as well as online .

Field announcements
Sa 16.6 at 10 am – Su 17.6 at 3 pm.
At the event area 88.7 Mhz.