70th Jukola event and 100 year old Defence Forces are celebrated by Hornet flights

Defence Forces are celebrating their 100th celebration year in Lahti-Hollola Jukola by Defence Forces’ equipment exhibition. The exhibition is situated in the north side of the event center behind the event arena. On Saturday the celebration is opened by Hornet flights at 7pm. Hornets will fly 150 meters above event center 800 km per hour. There will be a quite loud noise from Hornets so please cover your ears by hands if needed and pay attention to children and dogs as well.


Defence Forces – the main cooperation partner


100 year old Defence Forces are Jukola’s main cooperation partner. Defence Forces are lending and setting up Jukola’s military tents. They are also taking care of pulling TV and online data transfer cables in the terrain. In addition Jukola will receive field cookers. Defend Forces are shown in the event area by equipment exhibition as well in adds on the fences and competitors’ registration gate.

Military home is also found near Defence Forces’ equipment exhibition behind the event arena. There you can buy famous sweet donuts, coffee, tea and juice on Saturday starting from 10am until Sunday 12pm.