Competition will be tv-broadcasted into 40 different countries.

The planning meeting of Jukola relay was held in Hälvälä in good weather as well as in good spirits. In the meeting were present members of Jukola organization and also members of the group responsible for the tv production.

There will be 12 hours of live broadcasting which will be sold through internet into 40 different countries. Several tv cameras will follow the competitors: between  control points GPS tracking  shows the progress of  orienteerers; in some legs  “running camera” follows close behind  the competitor.

According to Markku Mäkäräinen, tv director of Jukola relay,  the broadcast from the kettle terrains of Jukola is going to be excellent.

Picture: First course setter  Juhani Jaskari points to the sector where the camera will be placed. Big group of control  point managers  are supporting the broadcasting, so that the top teams can be seen already when approaching the controls.  Control inspectors will be able to enjoy the atmosphere in it´s most genuine environment – in the scent of the forest.