Confident Stora Tuna starts preparing for World Championships

The winners of the Venla Relay, women of Stora Tuna, all had a clean performance. This was the third time for Anna Mårsell, who ran the first leg, to open the competition for Stora Tuna. She tried to focus purely on her own performance and was glad to see that she was close to the first place. She made safe bets on the latter part of the course to keep a good position and came to the exchange on eight place.

Second leg runner Magdalena Olson, who says she is actually a ski orienteer, rejoiced that Anna gave her a perfect start position. Half way through the course she went to a wrong forkning control but quickly realized her mistake avoiding losing a lot of time. She too came to the exchange on eighth place.

Swiss-born Julia Jakob, runner of the third leg, told she got a good start but had to run quite a lot by herself. Once she had to take a pause and check her position but otherwise she didn’t make mistakes. She took the team to the sixth place at the exchange.

Anchor-leg runner of Stora Tuna was possibly the best female orienteer in the world at the moment, Tove Alxandersson. She didn’t know that she was leading but guessed that she’s doing ok as she couldn’t see anyone else. Tove was asked about the secret to her dominance – I train a lot and hard, she laughed.

Women told that the next step for them is to start preparing for the World Championships.

Text: Anne Rauhamäki
Translation: Nina Hanhinen