Helpdesk, Jukola’s helping service number

For the first time Lahti-Hollola Jukola has the helpdesk phone number for all event visitors. Helpdesk is a service number which is responsible for guidance and advising visitors. It also takes care of the arrangements related to errors, repairing and refilling. Helpdesk will help if for example waterpoint runs out of water, a car won’t start or a child has lost in the event center. The  helpdesk number can be used by competitors, visitors and volunteers. Helpdesk will be serving in the open hours of the event center from Friday 15th of June until Sunday 17th of June from 10am until 4pm.


Kisatike works along with the helpdesk and it solves problems related to security, first-aid, traffic and security supervision. Event info takes care of issues related competition, running order or emit-card rentals. Also Autoliitto road service is available on the south parking area from Saturday 8am until 14pm.


Helpdesk: 044 766 0405

Kisatike: 044 766 0403

Event info: 044 766 0406

Autoliitto road service:  040 350 5374