Injury and top times: Tampereen Pyrintö’s relay started with mixed feels

The front runner Tampereen Pyrintö’s relay didn’t start well. The first leg runner Otto Simosas injured his leg already in the beginning of the leg and was left behind by the lead. In the changeover, the difference was already 17 minutes.
On the second leg Elias Kuukka was patching the difference as much as he could and clocked the fastest time of that leg.

– I had mixed feelings to go for the leg. I was just thinking what has happened to Otto. Even though our goals are high, the health goes first of course, Kuukka told.

When following Simosasis’ progress, Kuukka and the team coach switched up their tactic.
– We agreed that now for a couple of legs we attack aggressively and then see what the situation is.

Despite his fastest time, Kuukka wasn’t completely satisfied with his performance.
– It was quite easy. I don’t know about the situation, but hopefully the next legs are more difficult, so that we have chances to rise.

For the third leg Kuukka send a skilled Swede, Johan Runesson. Runesson had his blinker on and rose from the rank of 49th to 31st. The time difference for the escaping IFK Göteborg however was still 14 minutes.

For the last legs Pyrintö is represented by Anton Kuukka, Severi Kymäläinen, Aleksi Niemi and Florian Howald.

Text: Outi Hytönen
Bild: Harri Hytönen