Jukola application helps you during the competition weekend

Jukola application has been released by Lahti-Hollola Jukola. The application is great help for all attending Jukola, both for teams and spectators. From the application you can find the map of the competition village, whole program of the weekend, opening hours, bus schedules and results service. The application helps you to follow your team throughout the race and to get up in time for your own Jukola-leg. However, it is advisable to use conventional methods to wake up on time as well.

Jukola application can be downloaded from Play Store and App Store. The application works with Android and iOS operating systems. The application is still in its pilot stage, which is why it is not yet perfect and there is no experience of its functionality under heavy use. Download the application before entering the competition village and you can start using it already at your arrival.