Koovee takes victory of the 70th Jukola before IFK Göteborg

At the beginning of the relay Koovee was close to top positions but after the third leg the gap grew to over five minutes and their ranking at changeover was 12th. The fourth leg runner  Oleksandr Kratov ran the fastest time of the leg with a gap of three minutes and came to the changeover in first place.

In fifth leg Jens Wängdahl of IFK Göteborg made a big mistake in depression area which gave Kenny Kivikas of Koovee a chance to take a lead of over three minutes. In the same area third place holder Nydalens SK’s Eirik Langedal Breivik made a major mistake as well and at the fifth changeover he was already over seven minutes behind the leading team.

During the sixth leg Fredrik Bakkman of IFK Göteborg caught up with Timo Sild of Koovee and the difference shrank to 50 seconds. Third team to come to changeover over nine minutes behind the lead was Paimion Rasti’s Frédéric Tranchand who improved the team’s position in the competition in the sixth leg

The anchor leg runner of KooVee, Daniel Hubman, kept IFK Göteborg’s Eskil Kinneberg behind him with clean orienteering and brought KooVee to the finish line in the first place securing the third Jukola victory in the history of the team with a difference of 4:38 to IFK Göteborg. Olav Lundanes of Paimion Rasti brought the team to finish in third place 8:37 minutes after the winner.

The runner of the winning team were Joni Hirvikallio, Topi Anjala, Lauri Sild, Oleksandr Kratov, Kenny Kivikas, Timo Sild and Daniel Hubman.

Photo: Kimmo Hirvonen