More than 15 400 orienteers registered by the first stage

More than 15 400 orienteers registered for Jukola and Venla before the end of the first level sign-up on Feb 1, 2018. This is over 2000 orienteers more than in the all-time record at Joensuu-Jukola last year. There are now altogether 1262 Venla teams and 1490 Jukola teams registered.

The organisers are still expecting approximately 4000-5000 more enrolments, which would be a new record. The previous record is from Louna-Jukola 2015 with more than 18 000 orienteers.

“Our infrastructure is being prepared to serve the needs of approximately 20 000 orienteers and 50 000 spectators. It is expected that there will be 40 000 people simultaneously in the competition centre on Saturday afternoon”, states Competition Director Jorma Aherto.

The next sign-up level deadline is May 9, 2018 and the closing date to register for the Jukola relay is May 31, 2018.