Nordkalk – two decades of participating in Jukola

Nordkalk is a leading lime-stone company in northern Europe, and it has been a familiar sight in Jukola -relay.  The first time that Nordkalk participated was year 1998.

“ We here in Nordkalk  value the well-being of our personnel – both physical and mental” says personnel manager Taru Ämmälä.

It has been already two decades that Nordkalk has participated in the Jukola -relay at least with one team, but sometimes it has been several teams. Couple of years ago  in Lappee -Jukola participated 3 Venla – teams and 3 Jukola -teams, all these groups struggled hard  in a challenging weather, four of them managing to get an acceptable result at the end.

Managing director of Nordkalk Hannu Hautala  orientates actively. “Orienteering combines the possibility to move according to your condition,  to choose between different courses and enjoy the outdoors” says Hannu Hautala and continues: “it gives me the chance to meet interesting people who also enjoy nature and the pleasure of finding control points.”

All started in the year of jubilee

It all started in year 1998 when Nordkalk – that time the company was called  Partek – celebrated its one 100 year jubilee. It was couple of the controllers  in the financial management who decided that participating Jukola would mean a good publicity: a team was gathered, competition number 100 was bought and the name Partek was given to the team. Since the occasion was considered very interesting also managing director  Christoffer Taxell visited the venue to see how own team was performing – and  its ranking in the goal was 996.

There has been years that it has been difficult to find enough members for the team, in those occasions  also customers and suppliers have had the possibility to take part of the team. In many times numbers of volunteers have been plenty so some of them have been named as substitutes, in case of illness or last minute panic occurs.

Nordkalk participates in Lahti-Hollola Jukola.

According to Taru Ämmälä the preparations for Lahti-Hollola Jukola starts already in the early spring and those who orientate actively have been practicing already during autumn. The practice becomes more intense when the spring starts properly.