Sami Jauhojärvi: A good pace wouldn’t do harm

Lahti-Hollola Jukola’s event hosts are successful and very familiar to sports people.

It is great to be one of 2000 volunteers to organize Jukola’s relay. This is love to sports-work and I absolutely want to join in when my own club organizes the event. Many volunteers do hundreds hours of work to make successful Jukola event, Minna Kauppi says.

Lahti orienteering club representative Minna Kauppi is not able to take part in the Venla’s relay but she has tested routes and knows their challenges.

-Yesterday I went around Venla’s controls and I did some mistakes. There has to be thought in orienteering because there is enough challenge. Be calm and do your best and everyone can find controls, encourages Kauppi.

– Swedish competitors are going to be tough but our domestic stars have a little home court benefit in Hälvälä’s depressions. SK Pohjantähti is my strongest front runner in Venla’s relay. From Swedish competitors Stora Tuna or Järla are certainly in the final competition. In men IFK Göteborg, Koovee and Halden are competing tightly of the winning Jukola relay, Minna Kauppi predicts.

Competition host Sami Jauhojärvi will enjoy Jukola’s relay as volunteer and as orienteer. This is Sami Jauhojärvi’s fourth Jukola relay. He has the third part in the Emit-team.

– I have prepared 200% more than last year. I have been orienteering once in terrain and once in evening controls. Last year I didn’t go orienteering before Jukola’s relay. I have been jogging in competition terrain so I have some conception of terrain type. Controls must be searched accurately and good pace wouldn’t be bad. I will set forth with social intentions and actually the only aim is to survive with honor to the finish line, Jauhojärvi’s thoughts of becoming night orienteering.

Arranging Jukola’s relay is great volunteer effort and it is good to join in. It has been interesting to see how enormous village builds up in Hälvälä, Sami Jauhojärvi tells.

Host couple wishes a enjoyable weekend for Jukola’s orienteers, audience and volunteers!