Sami Jauhojärvi lost in the woods – By the first control I had run seven kilometres

Sami Jauhojärvi ran the third leg with too much enthusiasm which ended up being his turmoil.
– By the first control my GPS-watch had counted seven kilometres. It was my own fault, I started with too much enthusiasm, Jauhojärvi told after finishing his leg.

The length of the leg is approximately 2.5km over beeline but with a smart route choice the distance is at most 3km.
The last ten kilometres of Jauhojärvi’s 12.7km long leg went smoothly. At best his intermediate times were on the level of a competitive orienteer.

– I have trained in terrains with depressions and I knew that this is going to be a challenge. Running was no problem for me.

Jauhojärvi, team Emit, came to changeover at sunrise at 4.18am being the 633rd to finish the leg. Next in Jauhojärvi’s calendar for the summer is “Musti’s Ski Camp” for juniors in Vierumäki.

– After that I have some vacation and I have promised to run in Evo Trail Run. Evo Trail Run´s 24km course is only few kilometres longer than what I ran today, cheerful Jauhojärvi commented at the finish. He is already planning to participate in Kangasala Jukola next year.

Text: Outi Hytönen
Pictures: Harri Hytönen