Seven great reasons to come to Lahti-Hollola Jukola 2018

  1. Lahti-Hollola Jukola will be held in the middle of Southern Finland and just an hour’s drive from Helsinki. From Helsinki it is also an easy and quick train ride to Lahti travel centre, from where the Jukola busses run all the way to the competition centre.
  2. The competition area is unique with over 2000 depressions of various size. Even pine forest is good for speed, since there is not much height difference and the visibility is good. Thus, the terrain fits both professional and recreational orienteerers. They are sure to remember it for long after the competition.
  3. The competition centre is positioned at an old airport. The ground is even gravel and therefore great even in rainy weather. All competition centre functions are close to each other, 300 – 750 metres from the entrance to the change area. The club busses can be emptied near different tent areas.
  4. The training terrains near the Jukola area offers a fantastic chance to familiarize yourself with the unique kettle terrain. See more from Ready tracks with controls and control flags can be found from the training areas until the end of October and depending of the weather, from the beginning of April onwards. It is also worth it to book a hotel room in Lahti and familiarize yourself with for example the area of Santaveräjä, which is similar to the Jukola competition area.
  5. Jukola brings together both world class professionals and recreational orienteerers. The forest is full of special type of excitement. Almost all the best orienteerers of the world take part in Jukola with their own clubs. Alongside the sport clubs is also various company and friend teams, who form over 60% of the participants in Jukola. You do not have to be alone in the Jukola forest!
  6. Jukola starts with a Venla relay (4 women) in Saturday afternoon. Jukola relay participants (7 people in a team, both men and women) sprint to the forest at 11 pm in the Saturday evening. Mixed teams (both men and women have increased a lot during the last couple of years. You can find women in both Venla relay during the day and Jukola relay during the night. Women can take part in both relays.
  7. Lahti-Hollola Jukola has a functioning restaurant service, broad selection of various sport stores, arena information and plenty of other programme. In Jukola you get to meet a lot of great orienteering friends!

The experienced organization staff guarantees that the organization and the result service of the world famous Jukola quality.