SK Pohjantähti proceeds one control at a time

The women of SK Pohjantähti enter tomorrow’s Venla Relay with the following team and running order: Heini Weinmann, Marttiina Joensuu, Marika Teini ja Sofia Haajanen.

The team’s strategy is to rely on their own sound orienteering and avoid taking risks.

“We have high work ethic because your own control doesn’t come by by accident”, Haajanen explains.


Teini, who injured her leg at European Championships, managed to carry out her first high speed training in orienteering terrain after compensatory exercises just a week before the Venla Relay. “Due to the injury, training for Jukola on terrain with depressions was not possible, which is why there is some extra anxiety before the relay”, says Teini.


Both Weinmann and Joensuu have a good and confident feeling before the upcoming challenge. There’s excitement in the air and they’ve looked for the right mood by watching Youtube videos of Jukola 1987 which also took place in Hälvälä.


SK Pohjantähti crosses the Venla Relay start line on Saturday at 2pm with the competition number 10.


Photo: Kimmo Hirvonen