Summer night in Kangasala 2019

Antti Rantala the general secretary of Jukola 2019 is spending time at the tent of Kangasala in Hälvälä. Next year at Kangasala will be organized as good relay as in Lahti-Jukola. At the Jukola relay of Hollola Rantala is following how things are running and tries to have  an overall picture of the arrangements.

-My opinion is that it is important to have discussions with those people with whom  I´m going to cooperate next year. You see the event differently, when you are doing the arrangements yourself.

-You have to be prepared for everything. Even the maps can start flying as we just noticed, Rantala says.  According to Rantala the Kangasala Jukola will be different from Lahti-Hollola, because the competition center is going to be more tight and also because the terrain will be different.

– At Kangasala the terrain is more detailed and also the height differences are typical for that area. Because the structure of competition center is more tight it also creates some challenges but also creates good atmosphere

Rantala starts working as general secretary at 1st of August, but the planning of the Kangasala relay has been going on already for 4 years.

-When we will receive the equipment from the Lahti-Hollola, everything starts properly, he says.

And why should one come to Kangasala Jukola 2019?
-The spirit of Jukola relay is such that everyone should feel it. Once again a new terrain and new challenges, promises Rantala.


Text: Seela Sorvari
Picture: Johanna Sivenius