Take it easy when you arrive to the competition center – the traffic is increasing

On Saturday at 11 am the traffic is increasing. Please, take it easy when you arrive to the competition center!

The traffic is diverted into several arrival routes, parking areas and bus unloading areas. Nevertheless, please ensure you arrive as early as possible to ensure you have enough time to enter the competition center.  By arriving early you can avoid traffic jams which are predicted to peak between 11am-1pm and 8pm-10pm. When arriving, do follow the organizers’ signs. Major construction works in the center of Lahti and the southern ring road has also begun and due to these ongoing work directions via the shortest route will not be signposted. Directions to the competition center will mainly be via highway 12.

You can listen to Jukola traffic announcements from Yle Lahti at 93.2 MHz or Radio Power at 98.6 MHz.

Passenger cars are directed to the two field parking areas. Distances from the P-area to the competition center from the south are about 2-2.7km. There is no passenger transport from the car parks. Transport of goods to accommodation areas is carried out in cooperation with farmers using tractors and trailers.

The P-areas for motor homes and caravans are open from Friday, June 15th , starting at 10am. Distance from the car parks to the competition center is about 2,000-2,500 meters.  Open fire and grill use is prohibited outside the vehicle.

There are two different bus connections to the competition center.

Team buses will be directed to the drop-off points of the competition center, either via the north or via the south, depending on the accommodation chosen by the club.

Motorcycles and mopeds have their own car park in a gravel pit  at the southern edge of the competition center. Directions for motorcycles follows the general guidance of that for southern parking.

Bicycle parking is located on both sides of the competition center and is free of charge.

Detailed arrival info and maps