The biggest Jukola Relay in history to be orienteered in PEFC forests

Orienteers and friends of orienteering will experience the recreational possibilities of the Finnish forests in Jukola Relay in the area of Lahti and Hollola. Up to 20 000 participants with their teams will compete in the PEFC certified forests from 16 to 17 of June.

PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) is an international forest certification system that promotes ecologically, socially and economically sustainable forestry around the world.

PEFC certification sets requirements for forest management for securing biodiversity, maintaining health and growth of the forests as well as ensuring recreational possibilities of the forests. Approximately 90 percent of the Finnish forests have been certified in accordance with PEFC requirements.

Jukola is aiming to be an environmentally friendly event in many ways. The event is awarded with the Ekokompassi certificate which is reflected in the use of renewable energy, recycling of waste, offering locally produced and vegetarian food options and reducing traffic emissions.

Multiple use of forests is part of social sustainability of forestry

Everyman’s rights guarantee that forests can be enjoyed by everyone. Each of us can move, hike, and pick berries and mushrooms in the Finnish forests. PEFC supports the everyman’s rights and the right to spend time in the nature.

The Finnish Orienteering Federation was accepted as a member organisation of PEFC Finland in the spring 2018. ”We have many common goals with PEFC. Sustainable management of forests and their responsible use is crucial for our sport. Also, zero tolerance towards littering in the forests connects us. We encourage everyone for moving and exercising responsibly in the forests,” tells executive manager Mika Ilomäki from The Finnish Orienteering Federation.

Three PEFC teams are participating in Jukola and spreading the message of sustainable use of forests. Visit the joint stand of The Finnish Orienteering Federation and PEFC Finland to bet on the ranking of one of the teams and hear more about diverse options that forests have to offer.

Text: Juha Uppa