The course planners are wishing for final spurts

Competition leader Jorma Aherto is in the confident mood night before Jukola’s relay. Preparations have progressed by the plan. After the Wednesday’s general rehearsal, event center and volunteers are ready for Jukola people.


There is great atmosphere among the volunteers and it has been a pleasure to follow preparations. I am very satisfied that we have over 2000 volunteers. Our aim is to offer memorable experiences for volunteers and competitors that are nice to remember in rocking chair, says competition leader Aherto.


Demanding terrain and course planners’ tricks


The terrain offers speedy heath and demanding depressions.The course planners have planned various tricks for orienteers.


-Emit-era enables to plan angular solutions and many tricks. All tricks have been used to keep excitement in Venla’s relay until the end, says course planner Ville Kauppi.

-Course planner Juhani Jaskari wishes that relay won’t be solved in the night time. Jaskari predicts that the toughest teams will compete in the home stretch and the winner will become clear in the finish line.

-This kind of depression terrain can’t be found anywhere like in Hälvälä that’s why there are going to be unique experiences says Jaskari. Jaskari itself moved to Hollola in the 90’s and has got his experiences of orienteering from Hälvälä terrain. That is why the Hälvälä’s terrain is very important and familiar to the course planner.

Picture: Kimmo Hirvonen