The mood of Paroc’s women’s teams before the start

The host of the first leg, Paroc, takes part in the Venla Relay with two teams: 1395 and 1554.

Manufacturer of stone wool is participating in the Venla Relay for the first time in history. In addition to other training methods, World Champion Minna Kauppi has given them guidance.

– We have trained alone and together. The coach tried to keep up with us. This means that we are in good condition but that doesn’t help if you run fast to a wrong direction, laughs Johanna Harila, marketing manager who runs the second leg of Paroc 1 -team.

– We try to follow our coach’s advice: take it easy, one control at a time and utilize fellow orienteers to make it to the finish line. Of course, every one of us is aiming to outdo oneself, says Harila.

Follow Paroc’s teams with team numbers:

Running orders of the teams

Paroc 1

  1. Veronica Sjödin
  2. Johanna Harila
  3. Veera Kraappa
  4. Johanna Fagerlund

Paroc 2

  1. Anna-Mari Koskinen
  2. Tuula Erkamo
  3. Claudia Beling
  4. Tarja Bergström