The winner of the first leg, Kris Jones, rejoiced about the company of his friend in the finishing line

Kris Jones got to experience the dream of leading to the changeover on the first leg of Jukola Relay..

The Brit representing the Norwegian Lillomarka OK, was especially happy when he saw his friend Ralph Street on the last check point.

“Ralph and I practice a lot together. It was amazing to come to the changeover in a twin lead with him,” Jones told smiling when behind the finish line.

Jones got to the check point a second before Street, who representing Södertälje Nykvarn. The third in the changeover was the defending Jukola champion, IFK Göteborg.  The best Finnish team was fourth in the changeover, Hiisirasti.

“The terrain was just as challenging as it was said to be. Maybe that’s why I didn’t sprint out excessively in the beginning, but instead kept a steady pace. My own performance was constantly under control,” described Jones.

Yet he didn’t plan to celebrate the victory of the first leg: there’s still the legs of the six of his team mates coming.