UC Rent brings tents to Lahti-Hollola Jukola

Rental company UC Rent will bring and install 7 000 m² tents for the Lahti-Hollola Jukola competition center in Hälvälä. There will be 25 different sizes of tents and in addition, the main stage for the competition. UC Rent has purchased nearly 2,000 m² of new tents in different sizes specifically for the Jukola event. The company have allocated up to 10 days for installation. Dismantling of the tents will take ca 4-5 days.


In 11 years, UC Rent has become the best-known domestic rental company


UC Rent, a company with Estonian capital, is a positive example of how reliable service can also bring success to a local company. The goal of UC Rent is to ensure that the customer can rent or buy everything they need from one location – an organiser of events – the stage, tent, grandstand, floor as well as the furniture, and the builder – the scaffolding, fencing, shelters, shipping containers, storage facility and construction roof, i.e. construction weather protection for the building.


“Based on our experience it may be said that the best advertising is recommendations of people. The biggest challenge when starting 11 years ago as a small and unknown company was to build people’s trust in us. People are willing to pay more for trust, as adherence to deadlines and flexibility are most important for our customers,” said Ivar Jegerson the CEO


He adds that the best way to understand the importance of respecting time limits was when assisting during the organisation of events: “If the programme is fixed to the minute, no-one has time to think about whether the builder of the stage has managed to do their work properly. The work must be completed impeccably by the specified time! This gave us good training for the future and we have implemented the same principles in renting and selling building supplies as well.”


Today, UC Rent has also expanded its service range in the field of cleaning services, with the goal being to be even more accessible to customers and give an opportunity to obtain a lot of different services from one place. In addition, the cleaning service helps to keep their inventory in an even cleaner state, since people often return dirty rented supplies.


Tents for orienteering competitions

UC Rent is located in Estonia, however every year they do more and more business in Finland. In addition, the company have also carried out works in other countries: Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Denmark, Singapore, Greece and in Miami in the USA.

In the last four years UC Rent has cooperated with the organisers of orienteering competitions, held in Estonia for example Tallinn Orienteering O-Week, World Masters Orienteering Championships 2016 and 2017 orienteering world championships.

“We are pleased that we have been trusted and given a possibility to prove that we are a strong and solid partner, who will not walk out on the customer in a complicated situation, but instead find a solution to the problems together.”

Products, which can be obtained from UC Rent: