Venla Relay to reach participation record

Already 1,432 teams have registered for Venla Relay by the beginning of May. The number is few dozens more than the previous participant record in Louna-Jukola in 2015.

At the moment 1,706 teams have registered for Jukola Relay. To beat the participant record for Jukola, still few dozen more teams of seven are needed. Altogether 17,670 orienteers have registered for the relay at the moment. According to competition manager Jorma Aherto the goal is to beat the earlier record of 18,000 orienteers set by Louna-Jukola.

2nd fee level is approaching – Register by May 9th

The 2nd fee level for Lahti-Hollola Jukola will close on May 9th at 11.59pm. After this it still possible to register for the relay with a higher fee until May 31st, 2018. Register here.

Over 1,500 volunteers have signed up at the moment. More volunteers are still needed especially for restaurant, traffic and competition committees. Sign up to be a volunteer through Lyyti here.