Venla relay’s winning team is Stora Tuna

Swedish Stora Tuna women won the Venla relay in warm and dusty weather. The second best team Göteborg Majorna was in the finish line at 4:45pm. Finnish club MS parma got third place in the competition.

The winning was settled in the achor part’s in depression area. There Stora Tuna team Tove Alexandersson’s and SK Pohjantähti Sofia Haajanen’s roads separated. Haajanen’s 7 minute mistake dropped SK Pohjantähti in the 12th place. Göterborg Majorna’s anchor Judith Wyder got away from MS Parma Maija Sianoja in the last controls.

Stora Tuna’s relay moved on very confident from the start until the end. Rank of the team was among 10 the best teams and time difference to the winner was at biggest 3 minutes after the third part. The winning team runners were: Anna Mårsell, Magdalena Olsson, Julia Jakob ja Tove Alexandersson

Picture: Petja Pöyhönen