Jukola message 2018

Soon they stood in a row, burning brands for weapons in their hands. Foremost stood Juhani, his eyes round as an owl´s, staring at the eye behind the cart, which with a fine glow stared back at him.

That’s how our national author Aleksis Kivi describes how the Seven Brothers stood against an unknown enemy. These words describe well the brothers’ will to fight for what’s own and what’s known to be true.

The Finnish Defence Forces ensure the safety of Finland and are considered as the supporting structure of our society. Their main duties are military defence, providing executive assistance to authorities and participating in military crisis management. The Defence Forces also carry an important role as an educator. The will to defence our country has maintained a high level in Finland.

This year the Finnish Defence Forces celebrate 100 years in operation. We have carried our message through this summer night in the challenging kettle hole filled terrain of Hälvälä to congratulate at the moment of celebration, and to thank the Finnish Defence Forces for defending Finland and Finnishness.

Hollola, June 17th, 2018

The orienteers of Jukola Relay

Photo: Kimmo Hirvonen