The long night of the volunteers

The atmosphere at the volunteer info is very calm at 4 o’clock in the morning. Volunteer Veikko Mattila has been at the info since 11pm handing out volunteers ID passes, shirts and caps.

– It’s been quite quiet at night. There hasn’t been too many people coming in. Mainly the questions were about volunteers’ tent spaces, Veikko tells.

He has had time to visit the competition area to watch the relay and also to have something to eat.

-It has been interesting experience. To experience the summer night in this way.

This is the first time for Veikko to be in Jukola, he has worked before as a volunteer in a music festival but this is his first time to work as a volunteer in  sport event

-It has been the same, only slightly different. It has been nice to see how this kind of big organization works from the inside. This has been nice, working together with nice people, says Veikko about his experience.

Competition info has been answering the questions all night long.

Also at the competition info the atmosphere is calm at  4 o’clock in the morning.

Emmi Kovanen has been helping visitors with the questions about the competition and also helped them to find the right places.

-It has been quite quiet. I have even had some time to watch the competition, she summarize the atmosphere of the night. During day she has been working as a guide, going round answering questions, helping in the waterpoint, and controlling traffic at the bus stop, so helping when and where needed. Good night sleep hasn´t been possible.

– I had little nap. May be I sleep more in the morning, she smiles happily in the early morning.

Also for her this was the first time in Jukola.

Text and photo: Seela Sorvari