Accreditation & the Media Centre

General information

The Media Center, located near the finish area, offers representatives of the media work stations and interview opportunities. Working in the Media Centre requires approved accreditation.

Media accreditation

Accreditation has been closed.

Media passes

Media ID cards and Photo vests are distributed to accredited representatives of the media at the media info in the Media Centre. The ID card and vest serve as a means of access to the Media Centre and the areas reserved for photographers. People working in these areas must display an ID card/wear a photo vest.

Jukola Relay photo gallery

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Media gallery

Kindly notice: The media gallery material is restricted to referring to Arctic Circle Jukola or Jukola events in general. All other use is prohibited.

A photographer’s name can be found on the description of the file. If not, the mention of the photographer is not needed.  

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In social media, use of these tags and hashtags are required:

Facebook: Use tag @jukolanviesti
Preferably tag also (Visit Rovaniemi – The Official Hometown of Santa Claus) and (Rovaniemen kaupunki)

Instagram: Tag @jukolanviesti @VisitRovaniemi @cityofrovaniemi and use #napapiirijukola #jukola #jukola2021 #VisitRovaniemi and #Rovaniemi.

Twitter: Tag @jukolanviesti and use #napapiirijukola #jukola #Rovaniemi
Preferably tag also @VisitRovaniemi and @roikaupunki

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Contact information

Chair of the committee Johanna Sarriola

For more information about the Arctic Circle Jukola, please contact:

Sami Leinonen tel. +35850 5578003,