Safety and security

Key information from the Arctic Circle Jukola Security Plan is given below in English.

The complete document in Finnish can be found here:

1. Important contacts

General emergency number 112

Address of the Arctic Circle Jukola Competition Center is Mäntyvaarantie 161, Rovaniemi.

The event’s Control Centre number +358 80 013 2211

Competition Info +358 50 564 6404

Volunteers’ Info +358 50 563 7808

Luggage transportation +358 50 415 0702

– Transportation of luggage from parking to camping area Sat 11:00-18:00 and Sun 9:00-13:00

Pharmacy at the Competition Center +358 50 367 8900

2. In case of emergency

When calling 112, mention first that you are calling from Arctic Circle Jukola.

2.1 Serious illness or injury

Immediate risk of death – > call 112 at once, then also call main First Aid point +358 800132211 and act as follows:

  • Clarify what has happened and prevent more damage and accidents!
  • Assess the patient’s state and breathing!
  • Move the patient into a correct position, beware of possible fractures!
  • Guide a rescue party to the site!

2.2 Accidents and illness

  • Public First Aid point at the Competition Center serves patients Fri 20.08. 10:00-22:00 and from Sat 21.08. 8:00 to Sun 22.08. 16:00.
  • Main First Aid at the Competition Center serves patients from Sat 21.08. 8:00 to Sun 22.08. 16:00
  • At other times, public health service of the Emergency Clinic at Lapland Central Hospital can be used at address Ounasrinteentie 22, tel. +358 16 322 4800

2.3 Fire and accidents at the Competition Center, in the area’s streets or parking spaces

Immediate risk of accident or death –> call 112 at once, then also call security at the Control Centre tel. +358 800132211 and take emergency measures.

There are emergency fire extinguishers in the event area which can be used by anyone!

2.4 Public disturbance at the Competition Center or nearby

  • Call security at the Control Centre tel. +358 800132211!
  • Notify the nearest security guard or other personnel!

2.5 Emergency First Aid

The purpose of first aid is to ensure that a patient’s respiratory tract is unobstructed and to maintain their blood circulation and breathing. Unconscious person always needs to be put on their side. Anyone can help! Have the courage as well!

2.6.1 First Aid points, defibrillators and fire extinguishers in the event area

3. Fire safety

3.1 Actions in case of fire

Immediate risk of accident or death –> call 112 at once, then also call security at the Control Centre tel. +358 800132211 and take emergency measures.

There are fire blankets, powder extinguishers and firefighting water tanks in the event area, that are for use! Water from firefighting tanks is not potable and is forbidden to use for anything else than extinguishing a fire!

3.2 Emergency escape

In the event of an emergency, listen to and follow instructions given by authorities and organizers! In an emergency, competition communication service may send via Jukola 2021 mobile app messages that are visible primarily in the app’s main view.

In case of a fire in camping areas, evacuation and gathering happens onto the Mäntivaarantie road, where instructions may be given via the announcement system. If fire prevents access to that area, then you may be guided to another gathering place on Isoaavantie street.

3.4 Handling of fire

Open fire is forbidden in the competition area (including disposable barbecues and campstoves). Smoking is allowed only in designated areas.

Prohibition of open fire is monitored by rescue and security personnel. Any kind of fire inside tents is absolutely forbidden.

3.5 Liquid gas and inflammable substances

Devices and storage spaces containing gas and inflammable liquids have to be inspected, and appropriate notifications must be made about them to rescue authorities. Authorities will conduct inspection before the competition event.

4. Traffic safety on the road and at the event

4.2 Reindeer accident

In case of accident with a reindeer, act as follows

  • Prevent more damage!
  • Install a warning triangle on the road to notify others!
  • Take care of first aid to injured people and immediately call emergency service (112)!
  • Finish the wounded reindeer or call to the spot a person who can do that!
  • Always tell the emergency service (112) if you damage a reindeer. Even if it walks off, it is probably wounded. DON’T LEAVE THE ANIMAL TO SUFFER!
  • Move the carcass to the roadside and mark the place as visible as you can. It is not allowed to take the carcass along.
  • Notify your insurance company if the collision has caused damage to people or property

5. Security in the competition and camping areas.

5.1 Surveillance in the competition area

Jukola relay is an open competition with mandatory prior registration. The event can be visited by spectators free of charge. At the entrance gate spectators may be submitted to a security check in case there is a reason to suspect or it is noticed that they have, e.g., out of the ordinary items that can be used to hurt others.

Use of vehicles at the Competition Center is forbidden, only pedestrian traffic and vehicles with special permits are allowed.

Flying drones in the event area is absolutely prohibited (by the Aviation Act). According to the Aviation Act, a person who has committed violation of law by voluntary act or gross negligence may be sentenced to a fine.

5.2 Forbidden substances and items

At the Competition Center and in immediate vicinity it is forbidden to possess a firearm, air gun, bow weapon, explosive substance, cold weapon or any other sort of item or substance that may be used to make an offence against life or health.

If public order and safety so requires, police and security guards can intervene, as warranted by law.

Prohibition does not concern weaponry that is necessary to carry out official duty or is part of an official uniform, nor does it concern items/substances used in the event programme, orienteering competition or camping.

Possession of items that bear a deceptive resemblance to a firearm or an explosive is prohibited in a public place.

5.3 Alcoholic drinks and drug usage

Mallasrasti (ainoa anniskelualue) sijaitsee kilpailukeskuksen pohjoispäässä Saunatien varressa. Mallasrastin toiminnasta vastaa yhdessä tapahtuman järjestäjän kanssa Rovaniemen Ravirata Oy.

Mallasrasti (only place to serve alcohol) is located in the northern part of the Competition Center, on the side of Saunatie lane. Mallasrasti is operated by Rovaniemen Ravirata Oy together with the event organizers.

Bringing own alcoholic drinks to the Competition Center is absolutely prohibited.

Possession and use of intoxicating substances in public areas is not allowed. Tent and accommodation areas are meant only for persons accommodated there.

5.4 Children safety

There is no supervised child care in the area. (Competition instructions have more information for the participants.)

5.5 Lost and found items, reporting offences

Lost and found items can be brought to the Competition Info. To report an offence, call the Control Centre.

5.6. Safety instructions for accommodation areas

Everyone in accommodation areas is responsible for their own property.

5.7 Crisis situations

In a crisis situation (e.g., death incident), call the competition Control Centre from where you will be routed to healthcare professionals.

5.8 Reporting a security disturbance

If you notice a disturbance of public security, please report it immediately to the competition Control Centre or to the nearest security guard / personnel.

 6. Coronavirus (COVID-19) and health safety

Information about health safety at the event can be found at address: